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dpBB is available for download

The very first public release of dpBB is now available for download. It is an alpha version, because some basic and important features are still missing.

After adding the important features I think we're ready to publish the first beta release. If the development seems to take a very long time something might be released before the first beta.

Posted by Petri Lehtinen 2001-10-13

dpBB forums opened

dpBB's official forums opened at http://dpbb.sourceforge.net/dpBB.

Feel free to try the board and it would be nice if you could report any bugs you found.

Posted by Anton Aksola 2001-10-11

Language support ready

Finally I got language support done. It wasn't very amusing project :)

Anyway, there are still minor bugs to be fixed before the first release. Now we are looking for translators, so feel free to contact me.

Posted by Anton Aksola 2001-10-07

dpBB goes into Sourceforge

We finally decided to begin developing dpBB seriously. Thus we submitted our project into the Sourceforge.

When the language support is ready, I'll submit the first release of our fine board available for download.

Posted by Anton Aksola 2001-10-01