#26 Redundant whitespace in JavaDoc-style function comment

Latest git

In the following (taken from the latest version in CVS):

(defconst doxymacs-JavaDoc-function-comment-template
'((let ((next-func (doxymacs-find-next-func)))
(if next-func
"/** " '> 'n
" * " 'p '> 'n
" * " '> 'n

I think the last three lines could be changed in the following way by removing whitespace from the first and third:

"/**" '> 'n
" * " 'p '> 'n
" *" '> 'n

in order to remove redundant trailing whitespace. Unlike in bug #1496398, I don't think this whitespace is needed to make things line up properly, as the first and third lines would not have text appended to them in a comment like this:

* Some function description
* @param[in] x Horizontal axis co-ordinate

I assume this matches the expected style - in the Doxygen manual's examples, there is no text on the "/**" line, and although there isn't a blank line between the description and the first parameter, I assume you like that (I do too) since the template puts the extra line there.

I made a similar change to my custom template which I use with Doxymacs 1.7.0 and it "works" at least for my definition of "works".


  • Ryan T. Sammartino

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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