Niklas Wallin - 2013-11-27

I have several project that I want to create documentation for separately. Then I want this umbrella project that "holds" all other projects. Everything works fine with tagfiles and references, but I also want a tab in all smaller projects that a user can press to return to the umbrella project. So, in my layoutfile I added:

\<tab type="user" visible="yes" url="@ref sdk_main" title="SDK"/> (disregard the backslash)

,where sdk_main is an anchor in the umbrella project main page. When I click the tab it seems like it is a link to the current project main page (i.e. index.html#sdk_main)? I have used the same reference within the documentation so it seems like it is only in the layout file it does not work. Is this a bug? Or how can achieve what I want with other means?