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Version 1.2 stable

Version 1.2 is now the official version.

New in this version:
Support for MS Agent version 1.5 characters.
Support for .NET 4.0 Framework.
A web-installable ActiveX control located at CODEBASE=""

For more details, consult the Double Agent SDK 1.2 documentation.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2012-04-27

Version 1.2 SDK documentation

The Version 1.2 beta SDK documentation was missing a lot of details due to an error in the documentation build. Oops.

To fix this, a new copy of the Version 1.2 SDK installations has been posted.

There are no changes to any runtime or development components, this is solely a correction of the SDK documentation.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2012-01-31

Version 1.2 Beta

Version 1.2 has gone to Beta status. It's available in the version_1_2_beta directory. If all goes well, this will become the final Version 1.2 build.

The SDK has also been updated. Check the revision_history.txt for a brief description.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2011-11-30

Version 1.1 release

Double Agent version 1.1 is (finally) official. It's in the version_1_1_stable directory.

If you already have version 1.0 installed, you don't have to remove it, the version 1.1 installation will do an update.

It's still compatible with MS Agent and is backward compatible with Double Agent version 1.0.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2011-03-01

Version 1.1

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2011-02-03

Version 1.1

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2011-01-09

Version 1.1

Version has been posted at

Lots of testing and debugging. This build looks to be complete and stable. Please let me know about any problems.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2010-12-06

Version 1.1

Version has been posted at

Just a bit more tweaking and testing before making it official.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2010-11-20

Version 1.1 Beta

Version Beta has been posted at

If you're using the Version 1.1. Beta, please let me know how it's working.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2010-11-06

Version 1.1 Beta

Version Beta has been posted at

For C# and VB.NET developers, the Interop Assemblies are now installed in the GAC, and there's now integrated intellisense and help for Visual Studio 2008.

The installation has been split into separate run-time and development packages. If you've previously installed the version 1.1 beta, you must uninstall before installing this version.... read more

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2010-10-01

Version 1.1 Beta

The first beta-test of Version 1.1 is available at

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2010-08-13

Version 1.1 Alpha

The first alpha-test of Version 1.1 is available at

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2010-07-16

Latest stable version

Build has been made the "stable" version. It's been moved from the version_1_0_updates folder to the version_1_0_stable folder.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2010-06-22


The latest update is now in version_1_0_updates. It includes a couple of minor fixes and some minor changes to the install.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2010-06-01

Version 1.0 stable release

Version 1.0 (build has been marked as the stable release. The download directory has been renamed to version_1_0_stable. Maintenance updates will be placed in version_1_0_updates.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2010-04-05

Version 1.0 Beta

Version 1.0 is now available for beta testing.

Posted by Cinnamon Software 2009-12-28

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