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MAX 6.0 supported in version 1.7

Added a new version of the max exporter that works with MAX 6.0
This also supports "Export selected" as requested.


Posted by Softimage Co. 2003-12-21

3ds Import for XSI

I have added the 3ds Import plugin to the SourceForge site. You can also find it on xsinet along with a bunch of other plugins.



Posted by Softimage Co. 2003-03-20

Forum update

I've made the forums public so that anonymous users can post messages. Post away!

Posted by Softimage Co. 2002-11-05

v1.5 ALPHA Available

New features / fixes

- Added support for conversion of MorphTargets to XSI ShapeKeys
- Fixed a bug with UV clusters when procedural shader were used on MAX materials
- Fixed annoying memory overrun bug that caused random crashes
- Added batch conversion
- Added cancel key (ESC) :-)

Usage Notes
Version 1.5 of the dotXSI4Max plugin was tested with 3ds max version 5 *only* and MAY NOT WORK WITH VERSION 4, 4.25 etc.
If anyone is interested in re-compiling it under 3ds max 4+ and sending me the changes, I'd really appreciate it.... read more

Posted by Softimage Co. 2002-11-05

dotXSI 4 MAX - Patch 1.4.1 Available

Fixed bug with sub-materials when used in conjuncture with SI_PolygonLists

Posted by Softimage Co. 2002-05-27

Version 1.4 Available

I've added support for MAX polygon in this release as well as for global materials.

Posted by Softimage Co. 2002-05-21

Version 1.3 Available

To further help artist to move their art from 3ds max to Softimage XSI, the version 1.3 of the dotXSI exporter for MAX adds support for the MAX native Skin modifier.

Meshes affected by the Skin modifier will be converted to a XSI envelope.

Posted by Softimage Co. 2002-04-08

Patch 1.2.1 Available

Some users were having problems with the plugin when used with version 4.25 or 4.26. The 1.2.1 "patch" is actually a straight recompilation with MAX 4.25.

Posted by Softimage Co. 2002-02-11

Version 1.2 Available

Two important fixes are in this version:

- Option to export relative paths for texture filenames
- Fixed animation length bug when exporting animation to XSI Actions.

I've also created a Dev forum so that people can post their contributions
and/or request features and bug fixes.

Posted by Softimage Co. 2002-02-08

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