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New FTP Library in the works

A new FTP Library has been found but its currently only written in Java so the code will be ported to C# with the permission of the authors and used to replace the current non secure FTPClient library in use. The project of the original Java library is ftp4che and the C# port is ftp4checs. Keep an eye out and hopefully in the coming weeks the port will be complete!

Posted by marq 2007-05-21

First file release

This release is an alpha release with no installer. Extract the .zip file to anywhere and download the publictest.scp (this is the script file I've been using to test). This test script will connect to an actual FTP site that you can use to test with that has the directory structure the script is looking for plus a couple others for future purposes. The main point beyind this program is that it will process the script line by line and attempt to execute the commands either on the ftp server or the local file system. Most functions do not work yet such as any SHELL filesystem manipulation, the trace and it has only enough error handling to know that you can't have more than on open connection.... read more

Posted by marq 2006-03-21

Progress to date - March 15, 2006

Everything is progressing as expected and some cleanups to the code have taken place already along with some more "inline" documentation. Code cleanups already??!?? Yes, the project is forming into much more than I had originally anticipated and methods/objects are either being removed or added, mainly removed at this point in time due to not being needed as originally planned.

Current Functionality:... read more

Posted by marq 2006-03-15

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