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ADO.NET WmiDataProvider maintenance

There's a new version of WmiDataProvider containing small new features.

Posted by Daniel Cazzulino (kzu) 2003-10-07

ADO.NET WmiDataProvider released.

WMI Provides a powerfull WBem implementation for the Windows platform. You can administer and monitor remote servers operations from a single application very easily.
This library allows you to connect to any WMI server using the familiar ADO.NET interfaces, including a DataAdapter to fill datasets you can easily bind to data grids, for example.

Posted by Daniel Cazzulino (kzu) 2003-03-01

Full CVS Releases

All sources are available through CVS now. Fell free to download the latest sources.

Posted by Daniel Cazzulino (kzu) 2002-11-07

Schematron.NET new release 0.53

Bring the full power of Schematron, but don't throw your W3C XML Schemas (WXS)! Schematron.NET can validate simultaneouly WXS with embedded schematron rules, making it the ultimate validation tool for XML documents.
This release adds Xml formatting to output messages, making it an idea solution for WebServices validation and Xml automated processing.

Get it from http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/dotnetopensrc/NMatrix.Schematron0.53.zip?download

Posted by Daniel Cazzulino (kzu) 2002-10-24

New NMatrix Core library 1.1!

Provides .NET compatible configuration management for class libraries, including a ConfigurationSettings class, a component model for applications providing services to plug-ins, common implementations of Composite and Visitor design patterns, and several system and general utilities used by most of NMatrix packages.

Posted by Daniel Cazzulino (kzu) 2002-10-04

XDL: an Xml Data Layer

This project is the result of the architecture we discussed in a 5 part ASP Today article series in:
It uses a concept similar to TypedDatasets, but uses the custom XGoF generator engine and new plug-ins to create classes. It was built to work with SQLXML annotated schemas, but that can be changed. Look for the Engine class.
Read the release notes for more information.

Posted by Daniel Cazzulino (kzu) 2002-10-03

New XGoF Release 0.82!

All the features added in the previous release, plus more support from the VS .NET IDE! Read the release notes at:
Remember this package has a dependency with NMatrix Core.

Posted by Daniel Cazzulino (kzu) 2002-09-30