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Doris 1.1 released

A long time in the pipe! Doris 1.1 finally released. Doris 1.0 was pretty stable. Libraries have been upgraded in this version. Main addition is Luasocket. This could be interesting as it means you can log onto a remote session of Doris now (i.e. remote graphical debugging).

Enjoy, Nick

1.1 - "Remote Doris" support. Lua 5.0.2 & GLUI integration.
* New Lua version 5.0.2 included (just bug fixes, no new features).
* GLUT replaced with FreeGLUT (2.40) (see details below).
* GLUI 2.2 added to Doris project. GLUT is only external dependency now.
- Reverted the major GLUI refactoring due to bugs.
- Thanks to BaconTastesGood for the work, but no time to fix problems.
* Network listener support added using Luasocket.
- See the nettalk.lua and netlisten.lua examples for more details.
* Better error reporting for syntax errors (_TRACEBACK).
* Vector dot product fixed.
* LHFs lpack library added to help deal with binary data. See lpack.c.
* JPEG loading supported added (see notes below).
* Source code location can be set with DORIS_SOURCE in development mode.
* GLUI makefile removed from readme as no longer needed.
* Source lib tars now kept in src/libsrc for ease.
* Updated tolua++ to version 1.0.6.
* Added tolua++, luac and bin2c win32 executables to CVS for ease.

Posted by Nick Trout 2005-10-18

Lua Build moved

The Lua build package and win32 binaries that were distributed through this project have moved to the lua-users project on this site ( Please look there for future revisions.


Posted by Nick Trout 2004-04-15

Doris 1.0 released

Finally got project working with toLua++. toLua 5 was a long time coming, and then seemed to have a few problems with function renaming. Doris relies heavily on toLua to generate the GL and GLUI bindings. Credit goes to Ariel Manzur for taking over maintenance of toLua, which is now renamed toLua++ (and available here:\). Well done also to the Lua team who, as always, have come up with the goods providing Lua 5.0.... read more

Posted by Nick Trout 2004-02-25

Lua Build 4.0.1 Added

An easy way of making the current version of Lua and tolua has been provided. The tar file contains project files for MSVC++ and makefiles for unix.

Posted by Nick Trout 2003-04-05

Version 0.5

Released version 0.5. More bug fixes, tidying up, few more scripts, and documentation (selfdoc). Dont know if it works on platforms other than Windows and Cygwin as I have no feedback. I assume if the makefiles for Cygwin work it should run just fine on *nix.


Posted by Nick Trout 2002-08-27

Homepage updated

Improved the homepage. Put some screenshots and example code up. Output from SciTE editor looks great (see\).

Posted by Nick Trout 2002-06-25

Version 0.4

Tried hard to tidy up the code and remove as many bugs as possible. Previous versions have been quite scrappy. Cygwin makefiles added. If anyone builds Linux or Unix ones I would appreciate feedback on how useful these makefiles are.

0.4 - Tidying up - previous releases were a bit scrappy.
* Added image support. Currently only supports TGA, a nice simple format.
Dont really want to add dependencies to image libraries.
* Added makefiles for *nix. This was done with Cygwin under Windows, not
tested under *nix system. Should be able to just "make all" from root.
* Removed any C++ hangover code in Lua so gcc doesnt complain.
* Few minor bug fixes.
* Commented more of the code.
* Credited authors for Lua!
* More example scripts & enhanced existing scripts.
* Title window text tag now "title".
* _DEVELOP helper scripts called from Doris not script.
* Scripts clear screen rather than Window.... read more

Posted by Nick Trout 2002-06-24

Version 0.3

Mainly bug fixes. Sorry so long between release. Enjoy.

Posted by Nick Trout 2002-06-10

Version 0.2

It seems the drawing and stuttering problems I was having with Doris were actually bugs in GLUI and GLUT and not driver problems. You will need GLUI v2.1 beta and GLUT v3.7.6 to get rid of the problem. Tar of the source is available and a debug win32 exe which should go in the bin directory of the source tree. Enjoy, Nick.

Posted by Nick Trout 2002-01-28

Slow progress

Work progressing slowly. Rearranged CVS tree to make it easier to make binary distributions and tidied the code up a bit. Have nasty freeze on exit (which I assume to be driver problem for my voodoo3 card on win2k as works fine on GeForce3 at work). Done some docs with new LuaDoc 2. Need to finish render wrapper including lighting support.

Posted by Nick Trout 2001-11-07

Hello Doris!

First working version of Doris is checked into CVS. Home page has been created. Mailing list seems to have appeared at last. Need to add some documentation for the Lua helper libraries, including the widget wrapper and some examples.

Posted by Nick Trout 2001-10-27

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