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1.1.1 Released

I have created a 1.1.1 release to address an issue where an UnsupportedOperationException was thrown when performing a transform under Java 6.


Posted by Geoffrey Mitchell 2006-12-27

1.1.0 Released

Since Jeff and Scott handed me the reigns of the project a few weeks ago, I have fixed a couple NPE's, and added support for Java 5 Enum's. Everything seems to be working just dandy, so I figured it was time for a release.

I hope you find the fixes and new features useful!


Posted by Geoffrey Mitchell 2006-01-29

1.0.1 released

This fixes a bug which prevented Domify from working with Xalan 2.2+.

Posted by Jeff Schnitzer 2002-02-26

Project created!

Domify has been split out from the Maverick project ( into a standalone jar.

Posted by Jeff Schnitzer 2001-12-17