Johnny - 2010-11-24

Hello Erik,
I have some problems with subscription email notification in 1.0 RC 17 -  not working at all. In fact I made the first install on a OpenSuse 11.1 64 bit and I make almost all to work except webdav and mailing subscription alerts. I put a new VM with Centos only for this 1.0 RC 17 with docmgr in single root web (no vhosts, no subdirs aliases) - webdav it's working (in  linux with davfs fine, in windows with ms redir not so good) but the email for subscription alerts not. I think in all situations it's not generated. If I send email from docmgr interface everything it's ok; verifying the logs I conclude - the notification for subscription event is generated but no email. I try to solve changing sendmail with postfix but …the same result - email from the  interface working but no email generated for subscriptions events. I put  logging to level 5 (debug) and after watching in I think that no email was generated .
Do you have a solution or anybody report the same issue?