Eric Lawman - 2010-10-10

This is a huge release w/ a lot of bugfixes, and I feel it addresses one or two fundamental issues that I wanted to have dealt with before 1.0.  Having said that, it's all bugfixes from here on out.  I have a lot of ideas for post-1.0, so I want to get there ASAP.

Changelog ->

Please be sure to log out of DocMGR and clear your browser cache before running the upgrade. This is to verify you have all the latest javascript code.

A fairly significant change has been made as to how DocMGR handles permissions of objects. Before, a user could access a file they had permissions to in a directory they did not have permissions to. While this was semi-convenient, it allowed the user to see the names of the parent directories. It also flew in the face of traditional UNIX filesystem permission logic. This has been changed. Now a user cannot access a file unless they have at least read permissions to the parent directories. However, if a file has multiple parents, the user only needs access to one parent path to get to the file. This has been a long-standing issue, and I'm glad to have finally found a solution.

In addition to this, a new Sharing system has been implemented. One that goes beyond regular permissions (although it uses them in the background). A user can now share a file w/ another user from the Browse page. Once a file is shared, it shows up in the Recipient's "Shared WIth Me" folder in their home directory. They can then move their link to the file to wherever they want. If they delete that link, they file is no longer shared w/ them, but the original is untouched. This will allow users to give other users access to their files w/o putting them in a public collection of some sort.

Next is permissions for new accounts. When a user logs in, they inherit permissions from the Everyone group by default. No additional permissions are set on the new account. So, be sure to set your base permission set on the Everyone group so all new users will inherit them. Or, be sure to set them directly on the new user after added

The internal web editor (DMEditor) functionality has been greatly expanded. You can now pick and choose which file types you want to open directly in dmeditor using the "open_with" tag in extensions.xml. You can also use "allow_dmsave" to allow the editor to save to a variety of different formats. You can also pick the default Save As format in the config.php file. Because of this, you can now use DMEditor to open and manipulate many different file types directly. You can abolish the use of the DocMGR internal format, and use ODT, or DOC, for all your In-Browser edited documents. The available tags are listed at the top of extensions.xml file. The file is stored in a session, so you'll have to log out and back in to see any changes made. You can also bypass viewing a file in the browser by holding the ALT key when clicking on the filename. That will force it to be downloaded.

Last is workflows. Because of the new folder permissions rules, currently active workflows won't work because the user won't have access to the file. So, just make sure all active workflows are finished before upgrading.