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  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2012-07-10

    I've posted an installation of 2.0 to the DocMGR server.  Everyone is invited to log on and give it a try.  Please post any thoughts, feedback, love letters, or hate mail as replies to this post.  Or, at least in the Developer's forum.  Below is the login info and a few other notes regarding the installation.  Please be nice to my server, it is very modest and also hosts the DocMGR website.  The installation will be reset every evening.  Enjoy!

    URL:  http://two.docmgr.org
    login: admin
    password: admin

    Changes Overview:

    Currently only tested in Firefox and Chrome/Safari.  Don't even bother with Internet Explorer for now

    Site Menu accessed by icon at top left corner

    Home page, modlets, subscription alerts, and task usage replaced by a notification system

    Saved Searches are no longer objects, and they are accessible by Navigation Menu in DocMGR module.

    Subscriptions and shared files are easily accessible by saved searches

    New interface to be more compatible with tablets and mobile browsers

    Lots of API cleanup and refinements

    Consistent interface among all modules.  All lists have a view/edit mode for viewing and selecting operations, or for selecting/deleting operations

    More consistent naming of toolbar items

  • Andrea Taroni

    Andrea Taroni - 2012-07-10

    I have tried it, it crashes with IE9 on clicking filters button.
    It also has some graphic problems, when I see thumbnails of files the titles are over the thumbnail.
    I see that IE6 and previous versions has several problems to download files from docmgr, I'll try with this new version to do some tests.
    Thanks for your work.

  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2012-07-10

    I haven't done any of the IE-required work yet.  So, don't even bother trying

  • PMan

    PMan - 2012-07-13

    I tried it a bit. Looks pretty good. I like the "Site Navigation Menu" a lot!
    2 requests:
    (a) in the documents window on the far right (in the "options" area), I would like some kind of visual indicator that there are comments associated with a document. Adding comments is easy enough, but there should be something that shows, at the very least, if there are any comments there.
    (b) CMIS compatibility. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_Management_Interoperability_Services
    This would make DocMGR easier to interface with other software. I don't know if that's on your radar, but it would be great to have it.

    I'll have to spend some more time on the demo to check the software out more thoroughly.

    Thanks for your work, Eric

  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-07-15

    Just had a chance to look at the 2.0 demo a little today. I really like the UI, much claener. Great work. Firefox seems to be working well. Here's a couple things I've noticed while playing with it.

    1. I could not find a way to select files for use in the Utilities Menu. For example the Move, Delete and Merge options. Maybe I'm missing something.

    2. When changing the description of a file in a collection I save and close the form but the view does not refresh.

    3. When I open the Add / Create Collection it contains old data from the previous Collection.

    4. Reported file sizes are wrong. I'm having the same problem in 1.2.3 & 1.2.4. If I create collection and upload a small text file into it, then note the size of the file and the collection they are not the same. Create another collection. Move the first collection to be inside the second collection. (I had to use the Location function for the demo.)There is still ony one file but both collections report different sizes.

    Overall I like the new design, looks like it's going to be good one. I'll try to play with it some more later. Great work.

  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2012-07-16

    Thanks for all the feedback so far.  I'll look into the reported issues.  As for the Move/Delete/Merge options, hit "Edit" in the toolbar.  That will put the list in Edit mode.  Then you can do whatever you want to the files you select.  "Cancel" will put the list back into View mode.


  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-07-18

    Oh, I totally missed that, but I still can't get the Move option to work for me. I can select a file but nothing happens when I click move.

    I tried converting a DOCMGR document to several other formats but it generated the following error.
    "Fatal error: Call to undefined method DOCMGR_OBJECT::batchconvert() in /www/docmgr/apilib/apirequest.php on line 207" so maybe those options haven't been implemented yet.

    Delete and Merge seem to work as expexted. Search worked similar to previous versions for me too.

    In Workflow I wasn't able to select any recipient except for the Admin user. I went back to user administration and tried to turn on email notifications for my test user and it gave the following rather long error.
    "Warning: pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR:  null value in column "account_id" violates not-null constraint in /www/docmgr/lib/pgsql.php on line 70
    #0  POSTGRESQL->query(INSERT INTO auth.account_config (language,email_notifications) VALUES ('en','t');, ) called at
    #1  POSTGRESQL->insert(auth.account_config, Array ( => en, => t)) called at
    #2  CONFIG_ACCOUNT->saveSettings() called at
    #3  APIREQUEST->handleBody() called at
    #4  APIREQUEST->process() called at
    #5  require_once(/www/docmgr/apilib/request.php) called at

    I hope that helps. If you're considering taking requests, I'd like to suggest a couple.
    1. The return of the auto import script.
    2. The addition of a "Send to" option like exists in Windows that would send the selected file or files as an attachment in the users default email program instead of sendmail from the DOCMGR server.

  • PMan

    PMan - 2012-07-29

    One quick note, there is a link to notifications in the upper right hand corner of the login screen. That link is active, it brings up the notifications window when clicked, even though the user is not logged in.


  • PMan

    PMan - 2012-07-29

    I edited the description of a file and I got the following error:
    "Fatal error: Access level to DOCMGR_OBJINDEX::$objectId must be public (as in class DOCMGR_AOBJECT) in /www/docmgr/apilib/lib/docmgr/objindex.php on line 214"

    The permissions for the file are Admin User: admin rights. No other permissions granted.

    BTW, I really like the consistent feel of the popup dialogs!

  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2012-07-29

    Thanks for the feedback.  I've been making changes to a dev copy and pushing them over to the demo at pseudo-regular intervals.  I'll be sure to get these straight as well.

    Thanks again!!!

  • robt

    robt - 2012-07-31

    Thanks for all of your hard work!! I use docmgr at home and work.  Like vernstech says, the new look is very clean.

    The preview seems to have gone away from the "edit properties" link.  My work flow is:
    - Put documents in scanner (Documate 632)
    - Files are scanned to a local folder
    - Abby Finereader / Hot Folder OCRs the files in the local folder and copies them to an "incoming" docmgr webdav share
    - I sort through the incoming folder tagging and moving files as necessary

    I actually hacked docmgr 1.X to have a "Save & Next" button in the "edit properties" page so that I could process faster.  The file preview was a big part of that process.  I suppose that since the files are OCR'd and indexed then I should have to sort too much, but its nice to be able to search from a sub-collection to limit the number of hits.  Perhaps I'm missing something in docmgr that makes my workflow unnecessary.

    To that end, I would love to have an "auto-tag" feature.  Put keywords in a file and if they are found when a document is added to a collection then automatically populate the description with them.  Date detection would be awesome too.

    Is there a developer community for docmgr?  Or do you prefer to do the coding yourself?

    Again, thanks for all of the hard work.


  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2012-07-31

    Thanks for the feedback.  There was a bug in the demo which should be fixed now.  If a file extension is marked as "inline" in the extensions.xml file, it will open in a new window when clicked on.  So, you can view properties for an object, then click on it in the browse list and have it open in the new window for you to view, instead of losing your place.  PDFs are marked inline as default, so hopefully that'll help.

    I am interested in the auto-tag feature.  I have some auto-import scripts that currently work with Xerox copiers.  But, would like to extend that set and eventually integrate it into the core code.  Are you thinking the file metadata that you set should go into keywords, or into the actual description field?

    I'm not sure any of this will make it into the 2.0 release, but it is something I'd like to add soon. 

    Currently, I'm just doing the coding myself.  That will probably change in the future, but right now it's easier for me that way.  Honestly, getting everyone's feedback on 2.0 has been great for me…



  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-08-01

    Oops, It may be a good idea to protect a user's home directory from being deleted as long as the user account still exists. I was trying to move a folder out of the trash and somehow the admin folder was deleted in the process. After that the only account I could log in with was a non admin test account. Sorry. I still couldn't get the move option to work for me using chrome. The Workflow seems to be working now, but I didn't get to test much before I broke it. Glad it resets every night.

  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-08-02

    I can tell you've been busy. 2.0 is really shaping up. Would it be possible to hide the Utilities menu unless the Edit option is activated? I think it would help to cut down on confusion with new users. I noticed a couple more issues. When accessing urls added to docmgr they try to resolve prepended with http://two.docmgr.org/ and fail. When creating a docmgr document I can only save it to the users home folder. Adding to other collections fails without an error message.

  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2012-08-03

    Hmm, I can't replicate the URL issue.  Are you putting in a full URL (with the http://\) bit when you save it?  Perhaps we need to check for that and add it if it's not included when the URL is created.

    As for the Utilities menu, I can't say I'm a fan of making it disappear.  There are a couple items in there which aren't dependent on the list being in Edit mode.  Maybe the list needs to be split up, or something else needs to be changed.  I'll think on it some more.


  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-08-04

    That was my the problem with adding websites, I was just adding them as www.site.com. Am I missing something with the Move utility too? When I select edit, then add a checkmark to a file and click Move nothing happens.
    I think something else changed in the last day or two. When uploading files the upload window does not close and the "Please Wait" notification is continuously displayed. If I click close then back out a level and return the file is there. Also, if I try to upload a file and inlude a description I get the error listed at the bottom. It shows up if I try to add a description to an existing file or collection too. I believe these were working correctly earlier in the week. Lastly, If I try to open a pdf inside chrome I get an error "Failed to load document." It could just be chrome, I don't know.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

    Warning: pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR:  column "ip_address" of relation "dm_object_log" does not exist
    LINE 1: …bject_log (object_id,log_type,account_id,log_time,ip_address…
                                                                 ^ in /www/docmgr/lib/pgsql.php on line 70
    #0  POSTGRESQL->query(INSERT INTO docmgr.dm_object_log (object_id,log_type,account_id,log_time,ip_address) VALUES ('8','OBJ_CREATED','2','2012-08-04T07:37:15-04:00','');, ) called at
    #1  POSTGRESQL->insert(docmgr.dm_object_log, Array ( => 8, => OBJ_CREATED, => 2, => 2012-08-04T07:37:15-04:00, => called at
    #2  logEvent(OBJ_CREATED, 8) called at
    #3  DOCMGR_OBJECT->save() called at
    #4  DOCMGR_COLLECTION->save() called at
    #5  APIREQUEST->handleBody() called at
    #6  APIREQUEST->process() called at
    #7  require_once(/www/docmgr/apilib/request.php) called at

  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-08-05

    File uploads with and without discription seem to be working again.
    When adding a discription to an existing file or changing it's name I get "Object already exists in the destination collection," For some reason occasionally it works correctly without errors.
    When adding a collection or website with discription, the collection or website is added but the discription is dropped. No error is displayed.
    When creating a DOCMGR document there is no close option on the page(just cosmetic, not really a problem). Also if I type and save a file and then click "New" and "New DOCMGR Document" to create another document, the original document is redisplayed. On closing the DocMgr editor the DocMgr page does not refresh but the file is created and will be displayed if I go back a level and then return.

  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-08-05

    Forgot to mention that pdf display in chrome is working again also.

  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2012-08-05

    Wow. Thanks for all the feedback!  The uploading issue was due to a database change that I had not propagated to the demo site.  I'll look into these other issues as soon as I can.

    Thanks again!

  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2012-08-08

    I modified the menu in the main module.  I moved Trash related functions to their own menu, and the move/convert/etc to an Actions menu.  Both are not displayed until the Edit link is hit to put the module into "Edit" mode.  Take a look and see if you feel this addresses the aforementioned confusion.


  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-08-10

    I really like the menu changes, it seems much more intuitive to me. I didn't see any major problems in tonight's demo. I did list a few mostly cosmetic things I noticed. The functions I tested all seemed to work pretty well. I didn't get into sharing and workflows yet, but I'll dig deeper as time allows.

    The move option is working now, although when the path selection screen pops up there is a space at the bottom labled "Name". You can type in the field, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

    The icon that signifies a "Discussion" needs a little work. It's much wider than the others, or maybe it's missing and what saw was a generic place holder. It looks like an icon in a text box.

    On Property Edits, if you have several objects where you want to edit the name or discription, the changes are not shown when moving from one object to the next. I think it would make it easier to keep track of where you are in the process if there was a page refresh after the save button is pressed.

  • robt

    robt - 2012-08-10

    >> Are you thinking the file metadata that you set should go into keywords, or into the actual description field?

    I was thinking description field.  My thought is that the user could designate certain keywords as auto-tag if they are found in a document (in my case this would be particularly useful for OCR'd documents).  I could see this as something that could be potentially applied on a collection level with hierachical inheritance.   For example, if I had a "Receipts" collection I might setup some auto-tags like "ATM", "Fuel" or "Sip-n-Stop".  But for a "Legal Documents" collection I might setup auto-tags like "Lease" or "Contract".  Then there could potentially be "auto-auto-tags" like pulling the date out of a document and putting it in the description.  In other words, an automatic way to have the software take a stab at creating a description of a document.

    Back to document previews.  So,  there won't be a preview (thumbnail) JPG in the properties pane?  You will have to popup the document before can try to figure out what is in it?  The nice thing about the preview that was in properties tab of DocMgr 1.X was that it was a quick download in the case that the document was large.  This works well if your are not local to the server you are accessing.  I actually hacked my DocMgr 1.X to create a larger thumbnails so that I could read them.


  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-08-11

    I was thinking about the tagging and OCR functions mentioned in the developers forum and it sounds really interesting. However, most of our stored documets are pdfs and I had to stop using OCR on 1.x due to the amount of data bloat it was causing. If I included the OCR data in the search it would slow my searches to a crawl. My question is would it be possible to have a Collection Property that says "Do not OCR this Collection" and have it apply recursivly inside of it. That way you wouldn't have to OCR everything if the collection only includes documents that need to be searched by filename and never content. Could there also be a routine that would clean up the OCR data stored in the database to remove duplicate words from a file as well as possibly words less than or grater than a certain length. That might help to speed up searching in large collections.

  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2012-08-11

    Going to try to address the last 3 posts here:

    I fixed the latest round of display issues, and added a Preview link in the properties page for "file" object types.  I'm mulling over the other issues.  I'm trying to think of a clean way to implement a tagging or description building system.  But, it's late and I'm tired and the olympics are distracting me.  I'll think on this some more and get back to you.

    I will say that the main reason I switched to tsearch2 as the only indexing solution is it was supposed to take care of duplicate entries, words smaller than 3 characters, and other cruft that you'd get out of an OCR return.  It's probably worth revisiting what's actually being stored in the database after the OCR text is run through the tsearch2 ringer.


  • Vernon

    Vernon - 2012-08-14

      It might just be my screen resolution, but on the workflow screen the file path and Workflow name tend to overlap. But everything seems to be working fine.
      Just wnted to mention that the preview link on the properties page pops up a window that say's disabled. I guess that just means you havn't finished it yet, but I wasn't sure.
      We had a system at one time that we used for certain forms. You had to define different regions of the document where the name, date, number or other data was supposed to be and it would ocr those areas and enter the output as a key field. That was very clunky and impossibe for end users to set up but it was fairly accurate. That said, I don't have any good ideas on a better system. I'm sure you'll come up with something.

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