partial matching by default?

  • Odo

    Odo - 2014-03-04

    Hi, is it possible to set DocFetcher to consider my input as only parts of the searched words as default? The thing is, that in my language (Czech), we have a declension system with suffixes (, which basically means, that we change the last few letters of words in our sentences all the time. Thus most of the time I want to search only for parts of words, not the whole words. I know I can use the wild card *, but this slows me down, and I keep forgetting to do so, ending up with much fewer search results than I wanted.

  • Nam-Quang Tran

    Nam-Quang Tran - 2014-03-04


    Currently, DocFetcher does not support this, but I will consider it for a future release.

    Best regards
    q:-) <= Quang


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