#325 man: add support for application and package

output: manpages
XSL (399)

Two elements, which are useful besides the command
element are application and package. Especially package
is useful to mention distribution/upstream package.
IMHO possible and useful:

application: bold
package: bold or italic

Regards, Daniel


  • Michael(tm) Smith

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    For bold/ital character formatting of inlines, I typically
    try to follow the handling in the HTML stylesheets. The
    HTML stylesheets render Application and Package without
    bold or italic, so I am reluctant to change the default
    handling of them in the manpages stylesheets.

    What I think we need instead is a generalized mechanism
    for allowing you to override the default character
    formatting for any particular element. So I have created
    a new feature request for that -


    Please post a comment there if you have any suggestions
    or advice.


  • Michael(tm) Smith

    • assigned_to: nobody --> xmldoc
  • Daniel Leidert

    Daniel Leidert - 2006-03-09

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    Ok. IMHO it makes sense to markup at least package. The
    application element is not that important because in case of
    refering to another application it is better style to use
    the citerefentry element instead. But packages cannot be
    referenced this way, but they appear in manpages. So it
    would be nice to mark them in a special way (after some more
    thinking about this, I would say, that italic is maybe the
    best). *just my opninion*

  • Daniel Leidert

    Daniel Leidert - 2006-03-09
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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