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DLIP Future

After a dismal launch, I lost instest in starting the DLIP project. I thought I had a great idea, and I hoped that other developers in similar fields would jump on it right away. How naive of me!

I let myself become involved with more important things, and I know that's perfectly acceptable, but I didn't partition small sections of my time to work on what I believed for over three years to be a good idea. I should have at least made updates as to my personal status and how that affected the project. Maybe someone else would have picked up where I left off, and it would have become a very useful tool for people everywhere.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Vander Jagt 2006-08-21

720GB server

It seems that my store took precedence over DLIP, but it also seems that a 720 GB server that I plan to establish for the storage and distribution of public domain art will also serve as a very capable home for DLIP.

I think I will be able to steal a ton of data from Gentoo for DLIP. It would be nice to work with them, as Gentoo would probably benefit somewhat from DLIP. Before finalizing DLIP, it might be a good idea for me to look through Gentoo to see if I might learn something.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Vander Jagt 2003-11-27

On hiatus

In case you are wondering, DLIP has not been abandoned. It's still quite an important project, and I intend to devote a lot of my time to it soon.

I am now expanding my business with a new store, and my time will be completely taken up by that for a while. I hope to return to coding in a month.

However, if you are interested in developing, please get in touch with me, and I will let you know in what direction the project is going. The specifications are practically complete, and it's likely safe to develop with them if you would like.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Vander Jagt 2003-10-20


Thanks to Bazer, DLIP is now on the SourceForge CVS. The specifications will most likely stay in CVS until their final release, so don't expect to see periodic releases.

We're beginning software development now! Expect to see some cool new toys any day now.

Posted by Benjamin Vander Jagt 2003-08-31

Version 0.06 (Planning and Standards) released

This one's a little rushed, but it aims more towards software planning. Developers should check the dlip_softwaremap file and see if the planned functions look good enough for you. Of course, more *can* be added later, but I intend to get it right the first time and be done with it, since 99% of the work in this project will be maintaining the main.dlip file!

Download a copy of the specifications from the Files area! Check it out, rant and rave, praise and flame in the forums. If you're confused by the specifications, please post questions in the forums, and I'll do my best to explain. One of the weak points of the specifications is readability, and if you're not sure about something, then probably nobody is sure about it.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Vander Jagt 2003-08-08

Version 0.05 (Planning and Standards) released

Huge changes! You'll notice that the archive is 50% larger with this release! The URLs have been totally overhauled, the file overview has been partially overhauled, and there have been sweeping changes all over. Anyone who has been following will probably really like the changes in this release. The actual change log is part of the specifications.

Download the specifications, read 'em, and let me know (preferrably via the forums) what needs to be changed.

Posted by Benjamin Vander Jagt 2003-07-10

Version 0.04 (Planning and Standards) released

Not much is changed in 0.04, and it's later than I had hoped.

Still no software, and don't expect to see any until version 0.1.

The specification should be complete enough to build from, but I should warn that if you do so, it's likely that your software or .dlip files will NOT be compatible with the software that will hopefully be written for version 0.1.

Download the specifications from the files area, check them out, visit the forums, and donate your ideas for how the project could be optimized and improved. (And be sure to notice the difference in size between ZIP and BZ2 of text files.)

Posted by Benjamin Vander Jagt 2003-06-23

Version 0.03 (Planning and Standards) released

Version 0.03 of the specifications is out! Still no executable files, but the file specification looks like it's now, um, specific enough to make functional libraries from. As soon as the dlip-lib specs are established, software can be written. The .dlip file format can be transparently changed in just about any conceivable way, but it wouldn't be so nice if developers started writing for the dlip-lib or command-line functions and then the interface changed.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Vander Jagt 2003-06-07

Version 0.02 (Planning and Standards) released

Check out version 0.02 in the files area. It provides a much clearer definition of DLIP and what is to be expected during the programming stage. *I think* the dlip-spec is now good enough to produce a standard .dlip file from it. Of course, nobody should do that yet. :-)

Also included in this release are a dlip-lib spec, defining what the software will be required to do, a dlip-list, beginning to detail the dictionary, a dlip-changes, stating general changes between 0.01 and 0.02, and a dlip-policy, which will hopefully guide development in the right direction.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Vander Jagt 2003-05-31