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StarShocks 0.5 released!

This release reaches new stability and playability levels:
- new menu graphics
- team and DM modes
- high-scores
- end level summaries
- several bug fixes
- poiu sux

Posted by Federico Soldani 2002-07-29

Starshocks 0.4 released!

A new version of starshocks for 0.4 beta is out. This will probably be the last beta version, the 0.5-release is final.

- Add TEAM mode
- Add DEATH MATCH mode
- Fix menus
- Fix any bugs

Download starshocks through the following link:


Posted by Federico Soldani 2002-07-10

version 0.3 beta is released!

version 0.3 beta is released!

Posted by Lorenzo Stacchini 2002-06-17

Release 0.2 of Starshocks is released!

This Starshocks release has the following changes.

1. Added MUSIC !
2. Added SOUND !
3. Added SCORE !
4. Correct any BUGS !!!!
5. Added any more...

Posted by Federico Soldani 2002-05-26

Starshocks version 0.1 released

Dlab is an open-source cooperative effort to produce the best possible SDL-based classic arcade game. The people involved are all computer science students attending a programming course for interactive and multimedia intensive applications. Starshocks is a game clone of Asteroids.

We are pleased to announce that Starshocks is released at version 0.1 today. This release is the first final version.

Posted by Federico Soldani 2002-05-16

Add the new Surveys !!!

What should the game be called?
Give your opinion.

Posted by Federico Soldani 2002-04-09