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DKIMproxy featured in GNU/Linux Magazine (Fre

Julien Vehent has written an article about DKIMproxy in the french issue of Gnu/Linux Magazine. The article is now available under the Creative Commons license, and thus he has published it on his wiki.

The article has been translated to English. It features a very nice introduction and explanation to DKIM technology, and how DKIMproxy works. Check it out!

Article in French - read more

Posted by Jason Long 2010-09-28

DKIMproxy 1.2; Subversion access

First of all, DKIMproxy 1.2 is available. (Actually, I posted it a few weeks ago, but neglected to write a news post for it.) Version 1.2 is just a minor update on 1.1, see the NEWS file or RELEASE_NOTES for more information.

In other news, I am now providing Subversion access to my code repositories of Mail::DKIM and DKIMproxy (as well as the older dkfilter project). I have always tried to "release often", making this access unnecessary, but nonetheless I thought it might be helpful to do this. So if that strikes anyone's fancy, you can check it out on the DKIMproxy SourceForge project page at

Posted by Jason Long 2009-07-30

DKIMproxy 1.1 has been released

Version 1.1 of DKIMproxy is now available. Version 1.1 is a minor upgrade over the previous version, 1.0.1, which fixes a number of bugs, including:

* The Authentication-Results header, added by the verifier, has been fixed so that results for DomainKey signatures can be distinguished from results for DKIM signatures.

* Both the signer and verifier, when errors occur (such as the next host being unavailable, or the syslog service is down), will now give an error message to the client via SMTP before disconnecting.... read more

Posted by Jason Long 2008-11-03

DKIMproxy 1.0.1 has been released

Version 1.0 of DKIMproxy is now available. Version 1.0 is a major upgrade over the previous version, 0.16. The new version supports several new features, including:

* DKIMproxy can now be configured using configuration files, instead of only through command-line argument. New installations will want to take advantage of this. Editing a configuration file is much nicer than having to edit the startup script.... read more

Posted by Jason Long 2008-02-14

DKIMproxy participates in Interoperability Event, and more

DKIMproxy recently participated, along with 20 other organizations, in a DKIM Interoperability Testing Event at Alt-N Technologies in Dallas, TX. Although my participation was over the Internet, rather than in person, I still achieved quite a bit. The latest development release of the Mail::DKIM perl module (on CPAN) contains several fixes for problems discovered at the Interoperability event. These fixes will eventually improve not only DKIMproxy but also SpamAssassin which uses the same underlying module.... read more

Posted by Jason Long 2007-11-07

DKIM-Proxy now on SourceForge

Interest in DKIM-Proxy and Mail::DKIM has been heavier recently, so I finally decided to "bite the bullet" and move the project from my personal home page to SourceForge. Therefore, DKIM-Proxy now has a mailing list, as well as new forums and an issue tracker. If you want to get involved with DKIM-Proxy or Mail::DKIM, please subscribe to the mailing list and/or "monitor" the forums.... read more

Posted by Jason Long 2007-10-11

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