Leon Bottou - 2010-03-01

F10 hides the toolbar but leaves the menubar visible.
This is a design choice. Hiding the menubar causes too much confusion.

There is an exception. When using F11 to toggle the full screen mode,
menubar, statusbar and scrollbars are hidden by default (but you
can change that in the preference dialog.)
You can still use F10 to hide the toolbar and F9 to hide the sidebar.
This is the way to maximize the real estate.

I am not willing to add another mode that could increase the confusion.
If you do not like the menubar in standard mode, you can already disable it from the preference pane:

Interface pane.
Settings for Standalone Viewer.
Uncheck "Remember initial state from last invocation".
Check which items you want visible.
Click on "Apply"
Recheck "Remember initial state from last invocation" if you want that.

You can do the same things for the Full Screen Standalone Viewer.
I strongly suggest to keep the default settings for the Embedded Plugin mode.

- L.