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DiskCryptor 0.7 released

[31.05.2009] - 0.7
+ Added CD encryption feature.
+ Added 'load boot disk MBR' option to invalid password actions in bootloader.
+ Added support for booting from software RAID1 volumes.
+ Added exFAT support.
+ Added compatibility with Windows 7.
+ Improved SCSI disks name detection.
+ Added new implementation of AES optimized for CPUs with small instruction cache.
+ Added VIA PadLock AES acceleration support.
+ Added installer.
+ Added new command-line keys.
+ More stable benchmark results.
+ Added automatically delete mount points added when mounting.
+ Added support for disks with large sector size.
+ Added correct signature of drivers and other executeable files (special thanks to ReactOS Foundation).
+ Small bugfixes.

Posted by ntldr 2009-05-31

DiskCryptor 0.5 released

[26.12.2008] - 0.5
- Removed compatibility with TrueCrypt and previous DiskCryptor versions.
- Removed LRW encryption mode.
- Removed SHA1-HMAC PRF function.
+ Added keyfiles support.
+ Password length limit increased to 128 symbols.
+ Resolved many boot-encryption issues.
+ Added hibernation support in partial-encrypted state.
+ Many hardware compatibility fixes.

Posted by ntldr 2008-12-27

DiskCryptor 0.3 released


[17.07.2008] - 0.3
+ Security improvement: added data wiping option in encryption process.
+ Security improvement: added clearing BIOS keyboard buffer to prevent password leakage (see http://www.ouah.org/Bios_Information_Leakage.txt for more details).
+ Improved autorun on Windows Vista.
+ Improved random number generator, more entropy sources and very strong security design.
+ Improved removable devices encryption, more correct IRP handling.
+ Optimized internal driver routines, improved synchronization.
+ Added console DiskCryptor version.
+ Added support for installing bootloader to CD or any bootable device.
+ Added "embedded password" feature in bootloader.
+ Added multi boot and advanced booting options.
+ Added limited QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layouts support when pre-boot authentication.
+ Added power safe encryption, encryption stopping and reverting.
+ Added password prompt when decryption and changing password.
+ Added "advanced io queue" options. This option enable multi CPU i/o requests splitting (increase perfomance to 50-400%)
+ Added optional authentication timeout to pre-boot authentication.
+ Added 'retry authentication' option to pre-boot authentication.
+ Added disk speed testing tool
+ Added embedded volume header backup. Backup header encrypted with different salt and needed for resiliency.
+ Added skipping bad sectors when encryption.
+ Added password strength meter.
+ Small bug fixes.

Posted by ntldr 2008-07-17

DiskCryptor 0.2.6 beta released

[18.03.2008] - 0.2.6 beta
+ Fixed bug with possible encryption error on volumes bigger that 4gb
+ Fixed bug with impossible to use "Shadow copy service" in encrypted volume on win2003.
+ Fixed bug with encryption process may be stopped if other process has high CPU usage.
+ Security improvement: When changing a password made erase volume header by Gutmann method to prevent restore previous password by magnetic microscopy
+ Security improvement: added avoiding LRW weakness http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/1619/email/msg00923.html
+ Security improvement: added automatically erasing keys in memory when shutdown, reboot or hibernate to prevent "cold boot" attacks.
+ Added dynamical (LDM) disks support.
+ New bootloader architecture
+ Added plugin for BartPE.
+ Improved support for encryption devices with non-standart MaximumTransferLength.
+ Improved automounting.
+ Improved random number generator.
+ Added support for Windows Server 2008

Posted by ntldr 2008-03-20

DiskCryptor 0.2.5 beta released

DiskCryptor 0.2.5 beta released.
+ Added crash dumps and hiberfil encryption feature.
+ Added data leak control. This feature preventing data leaks through non-encrypted system files.
+ Improved volume encryption/decryption speed.
+ Fixed GUI crash on Vista 64
+ Fixed bug with extended partition corruption on boot disk.
+ Fixed bug with impossible to boot from FAT16 partition.
+ Fixed bug with decryption speed test.
+ Fixed small bugs in bootloader.

Posted by ntldr 2008-01-12

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