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DirsSync-2.1 Release Candidate

DirsSync 2.1 has been released for tests. All initial functionalities are now included: simple directory, a Zip file and a FTP server. You have 3 comparisons methods: last modification time, size, MD5.
Don't use it with real data, but send feedbacks, tests results, ...

Posted by vincent delft 2004-09-18

DirsSync-1.3 released

Lot of new functionalities : One-way synchronisation with possible deletion, synchronisation according to time or file size, internationalisation.
A new web site.
Thanks to Mark, Valerio, Chris and Sara.

Posted by vincent delft 2003-11-08

promote this version as "stable version"

I propose to start an "open discussion" about the release of DirsSync 1.0.
Check the forum "Open Discussion"

Posted by vincent delft 2002-09-08

Directories Synchronizer Home Page

To informe that the home page has just been updated

Posted by vincent delft 2000-11-24

The first release is out, check it.

This is the first release. As pre-requisit, check that you have WxPython installed on your machine, and for sure, python.

Posted by vincent delft 2000-11-18