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Version 1.0-RC1 is available

This is the first release candidate for 1.0. New for this release:

* Auto pause, when 20 consecutive 20 error happen
* Spelling mistakes corrected
* Multi threaded all the work generation, so multiple dir and file exts are scanned at the same time
* Reconstructed multiple parts of the code
* Proxy settings are now persistent
* The ability to change the look and feel has now been added
* Added Jbrofuzz dir list
* Removed the two large dir lists

Posted by sittinglittleduck 2009-02-27

Version 0.11 is now available

Change log

* Fixed a couple of points within the GUI, and spelling mistakes.
* Added more content to the help section, but it's not finished yet.
* Improved the way in which DirBuster handles inconsistent fail codes
* Fixed a bug that caused deadlock due to all the parsing threads exiting
* Tweaked the content analysis code to reduce false positives, when DirBuster is using that mode
* Added code to make sure it display correctly on Vista
* Fixed a bug that caused files found to not be shown in the report
* Slight tweak to worker to improve performance
* Added a windows installer

Posted by sittinglittleduck 2008-08-20

Version 0.10 is ready to download

* 0.10
* Fixed a bug that caused DirBuster to hang, when deselecting items to scan.
* Fixed part of the HTML parse worker so it exits correctly
* More work to finish the treetableview
* Fixed bug that caused purebrute force mode to not work
* Fixed bug that caused fuzz based pure brute force to not work correctly
* Fixed bug that caused part of the code not to work with java 1.5
* Added content length row into results table
* Added a feature to check for new versions of DirBuster
* Fixed bug reported by Ralf Hoelzer, where fuzzing does not correctly check the URL to be fuzzed
* Fixed bug reported by Ralf Hoelzer, where if you run a "fuzz" and then switch to "list based" things broke
* Fixed error when first item in the tree view was added
* Fixed bug reported by Ralf Hoelzer, report generation fails if you tell it to write to directory and not a file
* Added more icons
* Added patch supplied by Ralf Hoelzer, to add a back button to the report panel

Posted by sittinglittleduck 2008-07-16

Version 0.9.12 is now available

+ Changed the look and feel & added icons
+ reset all the fonts
+ fixed a bug in the proxy settings, where it did not save the proxy port number
+ fixed bug under osx where the advance options buttons are not shown
+ fixed bug that stop recursive scanning from working
+ fixed bug where the parser workers did not restart
+ Added a jTableTree to view the results, but this has not been finished yet

Posted by sittinglittleduck 2008-04-04

Version 0.9.11 is now available

+ Fixed bug in advanced options, which caused proxy setting to always get set
+ Added an option to limit the number of requests/sec
+ Improved the way results table works
+ Fixed a bug that caused responses to be displayed incorrectly
+ Fixed a bug that caused the selection from the tables to now work correctly
+ Fixed a bug that caused blank extensions to stop working

Posted by sittinglittleduck 2008-03-25

0.9.9 is available

+ GUI now gives better information into what it is currently processing
+ updated GUI to allow the setting of target by submitting a URL
+ skip function added
+ Linked in HTTP clients auth, to it can do NTLM
+ Fixed bug caused items in the running to not be removed, when the user selected to do so
+ Fixed bug that stopped saved proxy setting from being displayed
+ Added The ability to fuzz for valid files from a URL
+ Improved and redesigned the setup GUI
+ Added row sorting to the results table

Posted by sittinglittleduck 2008-01-03

0.9.8 Mac (.dmg) build is available for download

A Mac (.dmg) version of dirbuster 0.9.8 is available.

Posted by sittinglittleduck 2007-10-24

0.9.8 is available for download

Quicker 6000+ rec/sec
Now parses HTML
Lots of bug fixes
Handles multiple file extensions

Posted by sittinglittleduck 2007-10-02

DirBuster arrives on SourceForge!

Hosting of DirBuster been moved to SourceForge from http://www.sittinglittleduck.com/DirBuster/

Posted by sittinglittleduck 2007-06-22