DIR/SCHR:Why the **** should anyone use this?

  • dos386

    dos386 - 2008-03-08


    ( sorry for offensive title )

    This project[s](?) look[s](?) very promising :-)

    But there is an important question (+ some more) left:

    >>> Why should one use this ? Does the world really need one more video codec ? <<<

    To me the answer seems YES, but I'd like to see some arguments on a prominent place on the project page.

    - Why should I use DIR/SCHR rather than WMV ? Obviously, it's the license ;-)

    - Why should I use DIR/SCHR rather than SNOW ? Seem to be similar, please, explain ...

    - Why should I use DIR/SCHR rather than Theora ? Better quality / smaller files / better efficiency ? But how much does it "cost" ? How many times is this slower (enc/dec) than than Theora ? A comparison would be needed: DIR/SCHR against SNOW, THEORA, WMV, XDIXV, ... license, enc / dec performance, file size / quality, ...

    Do you intend to obsolete Theora ? For it it works somewhat, but:

    - FFMPEG2THEORA is buggy and the bugs don't want to leave :-(
    - MENCODER can't encode Theora !?!?!?
    - No other encoders, lack of players / decoders :-(
    - There are various complaints about "poor quality" of Theora around :-(

    Is DIR/SCHR going to become useful soon ? Supported in MPLAYER & MENCODER 1.0RC3 ?

    Will there be other encoders ? FFMPEG2DIRAC ?

    Is there / will there be a simplest (tiny, open source, plain C) encoder from frames (raw, BMP, maybe PNG) and a simplest decoder (to frames) ? I would appreciate such :-)

    What's the difference between Dirac and Schroedinger ? SCHR has a better language (plain C), better license (MIT), and better performance - any usefulness of DIR left ?

    IMHO the DIR FAQ and SCHR FAQ do leave space for improvements: merge them, update, add info ... :-)

    What container can/should be used with DIR/SCHR ? MPEG and AVI are disqualified for me of course ... OGG ? Does a "raw" DIR/SCHR fileformat exist (without sound) ?

    • forart.eu

      forart.eu - 2008-04-08

      Fast reply: MediaCoder is your friend ! (http://mediacoder.sf.net/)

      Note: remember that we're in the open source scene, so don't ask what we can do for you but ask yourself how can YOU speedup/expand the project's goals.

      So please, try to post *constructive* critics, not just pessimist opinions...

      Marco Ravich

    • dos386

      dos386 - 2008-05-05

      Thanks for fast answer ;-)

      > Fast reply: MediaCoder is your friend ! (http://mediacoder.sf.net/)

      OK ... thanks for the hint ... but a GUI'ed bloat with installer for Vista64 is not what I prefer / can use at all :-(

      > So please, try to post *constructive* critics, not just pessimist opinions...

      It not that pessimistic ... just 1.0 is out and nothing to test really ... so I have to wait for inclusion in MP/ME and a following release :-(


      • Anuradha Suraparaju

        Support for Dirac using the Dirac and Schroedinger libraries is now available in FFmpeg.


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