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  • Jose Martin

    Jose Martin - 2008-02-21

    Hi, We have just installed DIMDIM on Windows Server 2003 (IBM x3650 2 Dual Core Intel Xeon 4 GB RAM 3x146 HD).
    We have integrated DIMDIM with our propietary LMS and we are going to use it for a lot of users, I will keep you all informed.
    One question: How many simultaneous conferences can we do?
    anoher question: Can we record a conference without any external tool?

    • dimdim_dip

      dimdim_dip - 2008-02-23

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for using Dimdim.
      Can you Please tell us which version of Dimdim you have installd.
      In our beta installer you can do only one meeting at a time.
      Recording a meeting session is in our Roadmap.As of now you can record a conference using Camstudio.This is a free product and you can download it from

      Please let us know if if you have any further query.


    • Jose Martin

      Jose Martin - 2008-02-25

      We have installed 3.0.0_Beta(05012008).At dimdim-version.txt :"1.0.0_092606"
      We have create more than one meeting¿?

    • Jose Martin

      Jose Martin - 2008-02-25

      How can i create more than one meeting?


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