How to edit IL??

  • catware

    catware - 2007-03-29

    "Dotnet IL Editor (DILE) is an editor program which helps modifying .NET assemblies. It is intended to be able to disassemble .NET assemblies, modify the IL code, recompile it and run inside a debugger."

    How do I "modify the IL code" ? It appears to be read-only in the DILE GUI. Do I have to save the project, edit the code with a text editor, and then reopen the project in DILE? Thanks!

    • Petrény Zsolt

      Petrény Zsolt - 2007-03-31


      I'm really sorry for disappointing you but currently DILE is not really an editor, it is impossible to really edit code with it. No doubt, that's the final goal of the project but I'm not there yet.
      Currently DILE can only disassemble and debug assemblies.
      Actually, this is my plan for the future:
      1. Add support for 2.0 (mostly generics-related) debugging interfaces. This mostly means that I want to make it possible to inspect generic variables in the Object Viewer + evaluate debug expressions that contain generic code.
      2. Replace/improve the text editor control. Currently it's just a simple RichTextEditor control with lots of Win32 API calls and it's very-very slow...
      3. Add compiler part. This step would mean adding real editing features, so that it would be possible to change the disassembled IL code and compile it again into a new assembly.

      So, it will still need lots of development until it will really be possible to edit IL code with DILE. I won't increase the version number to 1.0 before having all these features.

        Zsolt Petreny


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