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dialup_admin-1.62 released

a *lot* of bugfixes and additions. Check the Changelog for details

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2003-01-29

dialup_admin-1.61 released

A bug fix release. A lot of bugs have been fixed in this release

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-11-18


Add support for realms,enhance log_badlogins,speedup user finger page,allow for multiple regular profiles per user entry and various other small bug fixes and enhancements

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-10-13


New version. Contains a *lot* of changes. See the Changelog for details.

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-09-17

dialup_admin has moved

dialup_admin has moved to the freeeradius cvs. Only major releases will be posted here. The most current code can only be found in the freeradius cvs tree.

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-09-16


One more fix for sql group support, user find page
and a few more changes

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-08-22


Add attributes for the sql group tables in admin.conf. Now SQL group support should really work!

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-08-17


Allow admin to specify group in New User, add a Show Groups page and a few bug fixes

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-08-13


Just fixed a silly bug in the New User page

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-08-13

help wanted

What you can contribute:

o Billing and statistics pages. Fancy bars and diagrams are needed for dialup_admin to be complete. The billing page should be able to calculate daily,weekly and monthly bills for a user along with taxes, it should use a configuration file containing the billing information and it should be able to print reports or send them by email.

o Documentation. This is really needed.... read more

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-08-13


Added SQL groups support and a user personal information edit page along with many bug fixes and small changes.
Dialup Admin is now a part of the freeradius server so you should try downloading the freeradius releases or CVS snapshots.

Posted by Kostas Kalevras 2002-08-13