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DFF Beta 1.0 Released!

Dynamic Flash Forum Beta Version 1.0 includes many new features. These new features include sticky posts and even private messaging. All this is fully upgradable from your existing DFF board! So download it now!

Posted by Anonymous 2002-11-15

While you are waiting...

If you have DFF Alpha 1.3 and wish to be on the 'cutting edge' for DFF, feel free to get the latest versions of the DFF files off of our CVS repository. We don't promise extremely well working features but following Alpha 1.3 the core of the system will be left almost untouched. Although eventually we will be adding smilies(the graphics are done) and DFF coding similar to UBB coding. As an update the version on CVS has edit profile working great.
P.S. If you wish to update to the newest version check the file version numbers in your readme file to those on CVs and downlad the new versions.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-22

Alpha 1.3 coming soon...

Alpha 1.3 should be released tomorrow, it fixes alot of serious bugs. If you want to see it before hand just check it out on our website at http://df2.sourceforge.net .

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-09

Release Tech and testers needed.

We here at DFF need a release tech and testers so we can focus more on fixing bugs and adding features. Check the job section for more info.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-09

Registration Bug Fixed!

A bug that surfaced today prevented correct registration, it has been fixed in the newest release. Download Alpha 1.2 to fixed the problem.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-07

User Edition launched!

This is a revolutionary edition of DFF, it allows you to access a database of sites running DFF divided into categories. DFF or Dynamic Flash Forum is a message board program which allows you to post, reply, register and login/out. Many features will also be added later so get on our mailing list. Also if you have DFF running get on the global servers list for the User Edition at http://df2.sourceforge.net/globalapplication.php !

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-06

If you have DFF running...

If you downloaded DFF Alpha 1 we would like to get you to participate in our first client version. The client version is a .swf file or maybe a .exe file (we're not sure) that you download and run off of your machine. Instead of it taking you right to a board you will select the board you wish to visit and then it will be loaded.
If you are interested please post on the DFF forum either here or at http://df2.sourceforge.net/ or you can post a comment to this news post.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-03

Alpha 1 released!

Get your Alpha 1 version now! Available at the download center.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-09-30

Alpha 1 coming soon!

We have been working on the Alpha 1 version of DFF and should have that up in about a week. If you want to take a peek at whats coming check out the CVS repository.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-09-22

DF2 Developers needed

We need developers to work on DF2. If you are interested contact Icantwait.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-08-30

DF2 Started

Today the project was started. We begin recruiting people to help with the project so if you would like to help please join!

Posted by Anonymous 2002-08-27