#98 Auto completion for variable names


Hi, I am old Delphi programmer. but I am new Php programmer.

Dev php is good tool for php. But You need auto variable name completion.
For example if user write $, then press ctrl + space
it should list all variables.
if user write $a, then pres ctrl + space
it shoul list variables if first charecter start $a
I know it is very hard operation with delphi and synedit. But I think it is very important for php developers.

May be you can use your own database for each php project.
if you want to use data base I am recommended Firebird Embedit version


  • Linuxcu

    Linuxcu - 2012-01-14
    • summary: Auto complate for variable names --> Auto completion for variable names
  • Pierre Fauconnier

    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Pierre Fauconnier

    Hi Linuxcu,

    For the moment I wish to give a chance to "code-folding". Nevertheless, "code-completion" is the next item on the list. But if the "code folding" would not go as well as it should, then code-completion will go first.
    Anyway, could I ask you for some help about the implementation of an Embedded Firebird Server when the time will come?

    Thanks for your report.



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