Some improvement for 3.00

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  • YaN

    YaN - 2006-06-04

    I had implemented some new features for 3.00:
    - Uncicode support,
    - Codepage auto-selection,
    - Debugging (with DBG),
    - HEREDOC support for highlighter,
    and probably somthing more :).

    Anybody interested on this?

    • Urs Mäder

      Urs Mäder - 2006-06-04

      hi ya_nick

      great message for all users of Editor - version 3.00!
      you can send me the source for make a folder in the subversion server - if you want. thanks for the work.

      • YaN

        YaN - 2006-06-04

        With pleasure!
        How I can send it? Zipped size - 1.9 MB + ...

        • Urs Mäder

          Urs Mäder - 2006-06-04

          see private message with svn-account...

          • YaN

            YaN - 2006-06-05

            Hi, Urs!
            - php-dev source,
            - devFileMonitor source (some minor changes),
            - Unicode SynEdit source (some changes).
            Charset detector - see

            Do you want to have binaries?

            Best wishes,

    • Urs Mäder

      Urs Mäder - 2006-06-05

      hi YaN

      i will try to compile your version. if it dont work - a binary will be great.

      my opinion was to have a Devphp-editor (version3) and a Devphp-IDE (version2). What you mean about?
      should we move the debugger-implementation to version 2 and leave the Editor without debugger?

      thanks urs

      • YaN

        YaN - 2006-06-07

        Hi Urs!
        I have already uploaded binaries into svn - for any case :)

        About versioning:
        It's open source, isn't it?
        My opinion:
        Using in IDE - of course, removing from Editor - not sure. The best way - ask the users!

        I decided to choose Editor because it looks much nicer but I miss this features.

        Anyway debugger must be - IMHO - moved in a library, so the user can decide at run-time which debugger (if any) he wants to use. And load it dynamically. (By the way: It's the reason why the implementation has so much "debugger" units. I wasn't sure how the "universal" debugger interface will look like - so I left it in the main exe.)

        The initial idea (my) was (and is) to create a number of components (such as SynEdit) which will make it possible to "construct" an editor or IDE.


        • Pierre Fauconnier

          Welcome YaN,

          > ... The best way - ask the users !
          Here's one opinion ;)

          Anyway, i think that you could post your method to compile devphp3, to the link below (because another user already asked - and nobody but you can answer)

          If you have ideas about code-folding, it'll be really interesting and imho, a true editor feature.


          • YaN

            YaN - 2006-06-08

            Bonjoure Pierre!

            About opinions:
            it's really one ;)

            About v3.0 compiling:

            I can (and will - next week) upload my components. (Currently I uploaded only that changed.) Caution: I got they not from dev-php CVS-repository, so I'am not sure that they are compatible with IDE's one.

            About code folding:
            t's not IDE or Editor feature, it's SynEdit feature. Has SynEdit/UniSynEdit any ideas about it? Anyway it's must be not especially difficult to implement it.


            • Urs Mäder

              Urs Mäder - 2006-06-08

              about subversion-server dev-php ide/editor:
              the two repository are completly independent.
              so you can upload all you have without making a mistake with version 2(IDE).


              • YaN

                YaN - 2006-06-12

                All is up!
                Will be nice if somebody tries to compile it all ;)

                • Urs Mäder

                  Urs Mäder - 2006-06-12

                  hi ya_nick

                  Really great your work. but i cannot compile all because the packages-folder from the UniSynEdit-Component in the subversion repository is empty. Would be nice if you could complete the upload. Then i hope to complete the compilation. The binary version all seems to be ok. Also debugger is ready to work. great! thousand thanks.

                  • YaN

                    YaN - 2006-06-13

                    Hi, ursmaeder!
                    It's the same as from "initial" UniSynEdit.
                    But now it's up.

                    The dir's "Demos" and "SynGen" are missed too. The reason is the same - they are not changed.

                    I wasn't sure that it will be a working repository, so I uploaded only the changed parts.

                    And if it will be the working repository then it would be better to start with "standard" versions - especially for third party components.

                    Your opinion?


                    • Urs Mäder

                      Urs Mäder - 2006-06-13

                      hi ya_nick

                      bingo... i have compiled devphp3 with only one error "colorbuttons.res missed". the devphp3 is created and works without problems. thousand thanks!!! so we can now work on the same source. would be nice if some other people could working with you for a advanced phpeditor.

                      could you upload the missed file?
                      about working copies: i think we should have the files that are used for compiling the program. Demo - Folders and other additional things must not be included, if the copyright this allow.

                      debugger implementation i will add also to dev-php-ide. great work but there are some things to do like variable debugging etc.


                      • YaN

                        YaN - 2006-06-14


                        > ...error "colorbuttons.res missed".
                        It's not the error ;) Moreover I will suggest to remove from repository all other .res files and all .dof files - they are superfluous.

                        About working copy / working repository:
                        if this repository will be "working" then we MUST start with UNCHANGED version of the components - see the copyleft.

                        > ...variable debugging
                        try F4....


                        • Urs Mäder

                          Urs Mäder - 2006-06-14

                          thanks for "F4"... :-) not really easy to find...

                          i think it's possible to overwrite the subversion repository with the unchanged versions of the components and after remake the changes.
                          it's important for future programmers to have all the sources to compile devphp3.

                          • YaN

                            YaN - 2006-06-16

                            Yep! The code still needs "some" improvement....

                            About repositiry:
                            1 - which repository is official? Why you don't use the SourceForge's service?

                            2 - more native and sure way is to start from begin - either delete current and start from zero or create sub-folder and do the same into it.

                            3 - Who do it? (He must have enough rights.) The active developer?

                            Your decision?

                            • Urs Mäder

                              Urs Mäder - 2006-06-16

                              my answers...:
                              1. the time we started with subversion-repository sourceforge had not supported subversion. Our server is really fast, so it's no reason to change (for me).
                              2. it's no problem to delete all files in the repository and start from begin.
                              3. you can do it with your account. on the subversion repository devphp-editor you have rights to write/delete/change files.

                              what you mean about?

                              • YaN

                                YaN - 2006-06-16

                                1. OK.
                                2. I'm speaking not about delete/add files in the repository. I'm speaking about delete whole repositry. So we can really start from begin (at least for me).
                                First add version 3.0 and initiall packages,
                                second update to current state.

                                With remove/add the files are not really deleted from repository, so - imho - it will provide only understanding problems.

                                In my opinion the best way is to re-create the repository (but surelly I have not enough rights for this). Can you do it?

                                • Urs Mäder

                                  Urs Mäder - 2006-06-17

                                  yes i can make a totally new repository. for me thats not really important. But if you wish i will follow you. (only possible if we had a own svn-server - on sourceforge i think you cannot delete repositories)

                                  • Urs Mäder

                                    Urs Mäder - 2006-06-17

                                    now... repository is clean. i hope all work!

                                    yours urs

                                    • YaN

                                      YaN - 2006-06-17

                                      It's clean. I try to fill it today.

                                    • YaN

                                      YaN - 2006-06-18

                                      Sorry for the interupt ( ) but I have a question: should I start the upolad? Or I'm waiting until you upload the initial versions?

                                      • Urs Mäder

                                        Urs Mäder - 2006-06-18

                                        really good if you upload your initial version and after the changes because i dont know the component versions used. thanks a lot!

                                        • YaN

                                          YaN - 2006-06-19

                                          Husten, we have a problem!!

                                          Message from SVN:

                                          Execute: Update
                                          Error while performing action: Berkeley DB error while opening environment for filesystem /var/www/musikschule/typo3/svn/devphp_editor/db:
                                          DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery
                                          bdb: PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery

                                          End of citate

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