var & PHP5

  • ED.

    ED. - 2005-12-02


    >Note:  The PHP 4 method of declaring a variable >with the var keyword is no longer valid for PHP 5 >objects. For compatibility a variable declared in >php will be assumed with public visibility, and a >E_STRICT warning will be issued.

    The visibility of a property or method can be defined by prefixing the declaration with the keywords: public, protected or private.

    • Pierre Fauconnier

      Hi jean-seb,

      Very exciting, isn't it ?


      • ED.

        ED. - 2005-12-03


        But Dev PHP doesn't interpret those tags as variables in the class browser


        • Andrew Murphy

          Andrew Murphy - 2005-12-03

          I think devphp3 is essentially dead; I know, it sucks... it was fun while it lasted, and I still think its better than devphp2, but thats another story...

          • Burggraaff

            Burggraaff - 2005-12-03

            Too bad development has stopt on devphp3. I use it still for my own dev work. But as there is no real progress, I'm looking for a replacement. Maybe Eclipse.. A great IDE, but the best about devphp is that it's a good editor and not a bloated IDE.

            • ED.

              ED. - 2005-12-03

              Oups i doesn t take care about the date of last version.


            • Andrew Murphy

              Andrew Murphy - 2005-12-04

              you know, I used to think the same thing of eclipse, until I really sat down and tried it, and you know, its not that bad.

              Then again, I do miss some of the simplicity of devphp.

              • Burggraaff

                Burggraaff - 2005-12-04

                You're right. As it seems, devphp3 is a dead end. And Eclipse is the best replacement, as far a I know.
                If I find som time I give it a try.


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