#102 More CPP Examples


I think offering more CPP examples would be nice since
i am learning off the examples how to code in C++ and
perhaps just make a large kit of them for download via
check for updates


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    better would be a complete std documentation function by function with
    examples of use of each an tips posted by users; never seen the docs
    of php?
    I think could it be a model

  • Benjamin Kerensa

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    good suggestions ! keep up the good work !

  • Dean Scarff

    Dean Scarff - 2003-02-05

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    There are plenty off c++ examples/tutorials/source littered
    all over the internet. I think a C/C++ lib ref, and an API ref
    as well is useful, but its not the job of the IDE package to
    educate people new to the language. Dev-Cpp specific
    aspects should be covered, sure, but that's about all.

    Unlike Zend, bloodshed is providing an IDE: it isn't in
    charge of the languages/libraries, and therefore doesn't
    have the responsibility to maintain a manual/community
    etc. Try MSDN and mingw docs for Win32 stuff, and the
    docs accompanying whatever respective libraries you're

    Just my HO.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I agree

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    just look at the compiled libc help files found on the mingw
    site. they explain the functions pretty good an in most
    cases you have an example too.


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