Hi to all can you guys help me..

  • bon122728

    bon122728 - 2012-06-22

    you see im a BS IT student 1st year..and have no clue about dev c++ and our
    teacher gave us a research that is..what are the objects used in dev c++? and
    what are the classes used in dev c++? i dont have any clue what are
    they..please help me..im new here..tia!

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-23

    Hi there,

    Classes and objects are fundamental notions of Object-Oriented Programming
    (OOP). I would suggest that you would read a little bit about OOP and only
    then dive into C++ OOP. A good starting point may be the Wikipedia article:

    good luck!

  • skyfox skyfox

    skyfox skyfox - 2012-06-24

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