Johan Erlank - 2012-09-07

I'm trying to do the following:

In a class, I define a struct as
class Txn
static unsigned char ucName;
static unsigned char ucSurname;

struct TXN
unsigned int iPosition;
unsigned char *ucElement;

struct TXN TxnData;



in my .cpp file:

struct Txn::TXN Txn::TxnData =
{ 1, Txn::ucName },
{ 2, Txn::ucSurname }

so that in my app, I can load data, for instance


will render ucName = "Joe" and ucSurname = "Soap"

On compile, however, I get:

under the Message column:
` Txn::TXN
Error 1

No other explanations.

Any ideas? This is quite urgent.