Dev-Cpp doesn't compile and run

  • Dousai6

    Dousai6 - 2011-03-24

    Hello people, dev-cpp doesn't compile and run any project. As a example, I
    want to compile and run the basic hello world project:

    include <iostream>

    using namespace std;

    int main (int argc, char *argv)
    cout << "Hello World!" << endl;
    cout << "Press ENTER to continue..." << endl;
    return 0;

    The compiler registry shows:
    Compiler: Default compiler
    Building Makefile: "C:\C++\"
    Running make...
    make.exe -f "C:\C++\" all
    g++.exe hello_0.o -o "Hello_0.exe" -L"C:/Dev-Cpp/lib"
    /mingw/lib/crt2.o(.text+0x28):crt1.c: undefined reference to
    __dyn_tls_init_callback' /mingw/lib/crt2.o(.text+0x5c):crt1.c: undefined reference to__cpu_features_init'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make.exe: *** Error 1
    Run finished

    I tried many times (including uninstalling and reinstalling the program) but
    nothing works.

    Is there a fix for this problem?

    Dev-Cpp version
    OS: Windows XP Home Edition SP3

  • Tammy Mckeel

    Tammy Mckeel - 2011-03-28

    I'm having the same problem. A simple "Hello World" code sent me this message:
    Premission denied
    Id returned 1 exit status
    I did some more searching and found out this error was hidden:
    Failed to set data for "

    I am waiting for someone to help me as well,
    I will be watching your post, good luck

  • Steve A

    Steve A - 2011-03-30

    Please read the post titled:

    The latest release of Dev-C++ ( dates back to 2005.
    Both Windows Vista and Windows-7 are newer than release
    Colin LaPlace abandoned Dev-C++ after this release.

    Dev-C++ seems to work (with caveats) with Windows-XP.
    Dev-C++ is known to have problems with Windows Vista.
    I do not believe that Dev-C++ works with Windows-7.


    regarding "Vista".

    If you are experiencing problems compileing using Win-XP or newer, I'd
    consider switching compilers to Code::Blocks w/MinGW or Visual Studio Express.

    Also Try: wxDev-C++

    If you are a student learning C/C++:
    (not Dev-C++ related)

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-01

    For all C++ developpers, please use the latest version on MinGW/Cygwin on
    Netbeans or the Visual C++ compiler on Visual Studio.

  • Dousai6

    Dousai6 - 2011-04-08

    For sarbayo: thanks for the observation, but I'd like (without offending) you
    see carefully the compiler registry.
    I also tried to change to wxDev-C++, but it didn't work.

    In the case of code::blocks, I'd like to install but I can't due to the
    possible compiler corruption (I mean, that in code::blocks happens the same
    thing as in Dev-C++).


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