Problems with assign shortcuts

  • Hello, i use Dev-Cpp and the translation to german.
    I came across one anoying failure:
    Everytime i start Dev-Cpp the Shortcuts i assigned are gone.
    In my Version there are three Actions linked to Ctrl+F10:
    1) Run
    2) CVS -> File -> Run
    3) CVS -> Projekt -> Run

    Everytime i delete the Shortcuts for the CVS but as soon as i close Dev-Cpp and reopen it,
    they are there back again.

    Has anybody the same Problem and / or a solution?
    I don't won't to configure a cvs, this would be a workaround, but not a fix.


  • Mathias Grebe
    Mathias Grebe

    I have the same problem. The new configuration ist stored correctly in shortcuts.ini but seems to be ignored when opening again.
    Only workaround seems to be, to switch to english (original).