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  • Frans Bouwmans

    Frans Bouwmans - 2005-04-03

    Hello, is there any work planned/done on the class explorer lately.
    I did experience some problems with it and therefore downloaded the sources and did some debugging.
    After some investigation my problem was clear.
    1) I did define the include directories for my project files in the compile options. This causes the classes to disappear on the next load (because they are considered global files) this was easily fixed by defining the project include directories with the project options.
    2) Somehow the cpp files did not link to the class browser. This is the result of our directory setup were the include files are located in an \inc directory and the cpp files in a \src directory. I made a small change in the CppParser.pas to fix this.

    Looking through the code and specifically the parser and classbrowser, I see possibilities for improvement. This should however be coordinated with any other effort in this direction. So is there any ?



    • Labidus

      Labidus - 2006-12-03

      something missing in the class explorer is the namespace, i think namespace is something that need to be done for the next release :)

    • Max TenEyck Woodbury

      NOT an official answer (obviously) but did you check the RFE list?

    • Marek Januszewski

      the plan is to only make fixes before dev-c++ 5 final. So if you can fix any problems please send a patch through here:
      we'll review it and apply it

      Small improvements are also welcome before dev-c++ 5 final. Please post the code through patch system.

      One of the thoughts was to make class browser use ctags, that way we wouldn't have to support the parser

    • Frans Bouwmans

      Frans Bouwmans - 2005-04-05

      I had a quick look at ctags. It seems like doing about the same as the CppParser does now. The question would be if we would like to do it more, then ctags wouldn't be the answer. Things like knowing local variables in functions (for improved code completion) knowing types of variables etc. Extending the existing parser would be more usefull in that case.



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