#668 Debuging and profiling isn't working


In version everytime I run debug it tells to me: "Your project does not have debugging information ...". When I say Yes to enable debugging and rebuild project it doesn't turn on debug info in compiler settings. When I do that manually it still says the same and debugging isn't working. The same problem is with profiling.


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    Dittoe here on a Windows XP machine

  • rcopley2

    rcopley2 - 2007-06-28

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    There's a solution to this posted as a different bug at: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1016339&group_id=10639&atid=110639
    hope this helps. I have the same problem, I run dev-c++ and it tells me the same thing but the workaround that was posted in this bug should help you fix that, I'm running Vista home premium, if that helps.

  • Maxchirag

    Maxchirag - 2007-09-05

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    Yes that's true same message i also received while trying to debug my project, even after selecting yes in enable debbuging and rebuild project, i solve it in this way may be it will help you,,,, goto menu project->project option, select tab compiler, select item linker in left panel and then finally select "Generate debugging info to yes" in right panel...
    then rebuild the project and try to debug.


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