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Desproxy for PocketPC

Johannes Schth (<>) has made a PocketPC version of desproxy. It's available from

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2004-08-31

Desproxy development discontinued

Today is a sad day for me. I'm discontinuing desproxy development
today, in a move to help me stay away from distractions and
to make me finish my long delayed studies.

As anyone monitoring desproxy could check, desproxy development
has always been going at a very slow pace. I feel ashamed now,
but I have to recognize it was just a kind of distraction for me.

Desproxy was born in just over a day, when I feel it was needed.
It is now quite stable, supporting authentication (not NTLM),
it is fast and portable, and quite easy to comprehend for anyone
interested in basic network programming.... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2004-08-08

Windows binaries released

Ok, I have released the windows binaries of version 0.1.0-pre3. Use them and report any bugs.

Note: As I have used a newer cygwin1.dll library for compiling, I suggest you to use the one with comes in the package.

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2004-07-05

Windows frontend (open source)

I just happened to download and like a desproxy frontend which (magically ;)) apears to be open source now. You can find it at

Kudos to its developer!

UPDATE: link corrected.

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2004-06-11

List of supported Platforms

It looks like I didn't make clear which are the supported platforms so here goes a list:

- Linux (all flavours, tested in Debian 2.2 and 3.0)
- Mac OS X (tested 10.2 Server Edition)
- Sun Solaris (tested in Solaris 8)
- Microsoft Windows (tested in 98, 2000 and XP, should run on 95, ME and NT too)
- *BSD (tested on FreeBSD, NetBSD, should run on OpenBSD).
- Other Unices (some versions tested on QNX, AIX, HP-UX).... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2004-02-03

Release 0.1.0-pre2

Fixes a lot of bugs, see changelog.

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2003-09-17

desproxy OS-X revisited

I've received complainings about desproxy-OSX package, but i'm not (unluckily) an OSX owner, so I've asked some contributor to submit the package recompiled back to me.

Unfortunately, It seems not to be suitable, so I have opted-in for an account on the sourceforge compile-farm. As soon as I get the account (and after some time for acconditioning to the new OS) I will release the package myself.... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2003-06-04

Missing libintl.h

Very much people is complaining about missing libintl.h, particulary trying to compile desproxy on *BSD, Mac OS X ot solaris.

The generic solution is to install the GNU gettext package if possible.

Next release will try to handle missing libintl.h in a gracefully way (just deactivating gettext support), just to maintain source compatibility, so any of us could compile desproxy by themselves.

Regards, Miguelanxo.... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2003-06-04

desproxy for MacOS X

Ok guys today it's my 26th birthday so I WILL GIVE YOU A PRESENT !!!

Today I've released a binary distribution of desproxy for MacOS X.

Of course if you want to compile it yourself just grab that binary and see docs/Readme.macosx.

I'm so lazy...

Anyway it's my party and I cry if I want to...

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2003-02-20

Towards 1.0

Ok, 0.1.0-pre1 has been released and patches are being submitted. So it's time to define the future of desproxy.

The code as it is now is really ugly. Some decisions made time ago are obscuring the code, and making it less portable and efficient. But the code as it is now is quite stable. So it's time to branch...

New (based in new code) releases will begin with version 0.2.0. Old releases will last in the 0.1.x version number forever.... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2002-05-24

Manual added - 0.1.0-pre1-windows out

Ok, the first version of the Manual is out, in the webpage at address

It comes with screenshots (large png's) and complete instructions to run audiogalaxy, MSN Messenger, WinMX, gtk-everybuddy, AIM Messenger, Xchat...

Please, talkback. I'm very interested in receiving style or spell corrections, as I'm not a native english speaker.

Cheers, Miguel.

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2002-05-21

New prerelease 0.1.0-pre1


Tested thoroughly with the following aplications:

Audiogalaxy! - upload & download OK
WinMX - all functions OK
AIM, MSN Messenger, Everybuddy - OK
OpenBSD ssh (Linux) - OK
Putty ssh,telnet (Windows) - OK
Mozilla 1.0-RC1 (Linux & Windows) - OK
Internet Explorer 5.5 - OK
Winamp, xmms - OK

I will soon upload a manual, with screenshots and easy-to-follow instructions, and a windows prerelease too.... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2002-05-17

desproxy 0.0.23 (HTTP authentication) for windows released!

Ok, patch from Rudger keeps improving versions. Version 0.0.23 released for windows (yes, linux is allways a step ahead ;).

This comes for the first time with HTTP proxy authentication support. Give it a try!

NOTE: Before searching for help about this release, please try to learn about environment variables in windows ;)

Cheers!, Miguel.

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2002-04-12

New release: HTTP authentication OK!

I'm releasing desproxy-0.0.23_Rutger. This release comes with proxy authentication, thanks to Rutger Nijlunsig who made the patch. Just try it and enjoy!

NOTE: only linux version, not for long, I hope! :)

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2002-04-10

About MS proxy and NTLM

If you are behind MS Proxy, maybe the proxy administrator has turned NTLM on. NTLM is a Microsoft propietary Authentication Method, and IS CURRENTLY NOT SUPPORTED (and NEVER WILL BE) by desproxy.

For the people who asked me to add NTLM support, I will recommend NTLM APS ( a GNU tool for windows & Linux that you can use as your proxy, supporting NTLM.

Please, feel free to contact me for any question regarding NTLM & desproxy.

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2002-01-23

release 0.0.22 fixes &quot;HOST header not sent&quot; bug

release 0.0.22 fixes "HOST header not sent" bug. This bug prevents earlier versions of desproxy to work with some proxies (MS PROXY & IBM proxies, for example).

So if you see HTTP error 400: Host header not sent, please upgrade!

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2002-01-23

MS &amp; IBM proxies, please read!!!

I'm releasing for first time alpha code to those interested in testing desproxy with proxies (like MS & IBM ones) that refuse to work without the HTTP HOST header. If you are seeing these kind of error, please let me know, I will send you the alpha version until I release the oficial one.

Cheers, Miguel.

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2002-01-13

Desproxy 0.0.21 out! (Linux &amp; Windows)

Bored of having HTTP-only connection to the Internet? Tired of being unable to connect to irc trough a HTTP proxy? desproxy (a HTTP deproxyzer) just makes you able to tunnel TCP traffic trough a HTTP proxy!

Release 0.0.21 out. It is a "bug fixing release" but includes a new component: desproxy-socks4server, a socks version 4 server, useful because some clients can't talk to a socks 5 server, like MS Internet Explorer...... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2002-01-10


Release 0.0.20, Linux & Windows affected:

Each and every application is affected. If you pass the url in unresolved fashion (like "" instead of its IP), they won't work. For example:

desproxy 80 proxy_host 8080 1080

won't work but

desproxy 80 8080 1080

will... (well, IP numbers are not real ones...:P)

Silly bug, but fatal. I will submit new releases as soon as I test the new code...

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2001-12-31

release 0.0.20 out! (Linux &amp; Windows)

Today I've released 0.0.20 for Linux & Windows.

This release is a kind-of-rebadged-0.0.19 one; but it still has a fix for the write() bug, and some code cleanup (you may see the code is fully unreadable is some parts, these days!).

Good news:

- Full Windows release, featuring desproxy, desproxy-inetd, desproxy-dns, desproxy-socks5server and socket2socket.

- write() bug fixed, in Linux and Windows builds.... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2001-12-17

write() bug on cygwin: NOT A CYGWIN BUG!

Today I have experienced the first crash in Linux. After watching the logs and debugging, I have found the real bug. Well, It was my fault. I supposed write() always will return on error but in some cases, a SIGPIPE (Broken Pipe) was triggered. After catching that signal it appears to work ok. So maybe windows version will work ok with that patch too. I will try to release a new version as soon as
possible.... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2001-12-17

version 0.0.19 out (for those who want socks5 now!)

0.0.19 release is out. It's VERY BUGGY, but I have received dozens of mails requesting me to release the code. As it's only development, I'm not releasing the windows version now. Maybe later...

0.0.19 includes both desproxy-socks5server and desproxy-dns. DEBUG is activated (you can touch the Makefile if you want) so expect a lot of garbage on your console!

Current "bugs":

- socks5server and dns exit after the minimum error (like not being able to connect to the HTTP proxy)... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2001-11-21

desproxy-socks5server is HERE!

This afternoon I have managed to compile the first working version of desproxy-socks5server. I have tested it with xchat, MSN messenger, everybuddy, winmx, XoloX and mozilla 0.9.5, and the results were:

- xchat works OK!
- MSN seems to never finish the login session
- everybuddy works OK!
- winmx & XoloX seem to work but actually I couldn't connect to any peer. This two apps report to work with a socks5 proxy
- Mozilla works OK!
In the test, I have seen also that the code is quite unstable and I have to recode some parts to not let some connections (awaiting for the HTTP proxy return code) to block others.... read more

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2001-11-20

desproxy-dns gets UDP!!!

desproxy-dns is now fully functional. It supports TCP and (the most common) UDP queries, and uses desproxy to forward the queries to an external dnsserver. Now you can resolve names behind a http proxy, just the step necesary to get the socks5server going...

and it WORKS very well :)

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2001-11-15

desproxy-dns is working using TCP

desproxy-dns (the dns forwarder using desproxy) is currently working using TCP client connections. As soon as it gets UDP support (that's as soon as I learn how to use UDP) I will release it to interested parties. After that, I will restart working in desproxy-socks5server...

It may be in two weeks that the next "release" of the desproxy suite of tools get finally "released" ;)

Posted by Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro 2001-11-14