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Release of dentp

Today we release dentp!

dentp is an OS X, Objective-C, Cocoa application that behaves similarly to the ping command-line utility. It issues ICMP_ECHO datagrams to the user-supplied hostname or IP address and examines the ICMP_ECHOREPLY from the destination. If the destination is unreachable (i.e., ICMP_UNREACH or ICMP code 3), then dentp displays a message and aborts further ICMP_ECHO request attempts. If the ICMP ID is different than dentp's originating ID (i.e., the process ID), then it prints a message and skips the datagram. If the ICMP type is different than ICMP_ECHOREPLY, the application prints the bytes received and message type.... read more

Posted by Eric O'Laughlen 2006-10-19

We have a logo!

We are excited to announce an initial logo and mascot for the project: dent itself ( Special thanks to Ralph Perrine ( for helping to make this happen.

Posted by Eric O'Laughlen 2006-06-08