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rev #285

Text rendering performance and performance of the GPUStateManager class was highly improved.

Posted by Anton Lapshin 2010-07-18

rev #277

A new sample to demonstrate "splatting" technique (that is used to form terrains) was added. One more sample game project was added to VS solution file and it is possible to build... the game for Win OS. A new sample for DeviceCaps class available in the source code archive. Code cleaning. Implemented WindowsSystem functions that were stubs before. TexturesState class was added. PNG files decompressions was optimized.

Posted by Anton Lapshin 2010-07-17

rev #257

Windows OS support. Solution file for Visual Studio 2008 may be found in the source code archive. Projects for all the engine samples and sample game project are also available... in the solution file. Several factory classes were introduced: WindowSystemFactory and TimerFactory to instantiate correct implementations of abstract WindowSystem and Timer classes respectively.

Posted by Anton Lapshin 2010-07-01

rev #234

A new sample related to "Texture Tiling" feature was added to the source code archive and a new article about this feature was posted to the D'Enfent Engine site. Check it out! Implementing of the texture tiling is easy and powerful tool for your game!

Posted by Anton Lapshin 2010-06-23

rev #232

* New functions in StringTool class
* New function in TextureTool class to make texture loading process easier
* GUIBuilder class was introduced to simplify GUI elements creation process
* Games' sources were reworked to use GUIBuilder class
* GPUStateManager class was reworked to avoid mess in function naming / states representation
* New Push / Pop functions were introduced for GPUStateManager. This was done to make code easier at the application's side since now there is no need to save many states and restore them back again. One push() and one pop() call with appropriate flags are needed.
* A new state was added: MatrixState - to control transform matrices (world view matrix, projection matrix).

Posted by Anton Lapshin 2010-06-14

rev #197

VSync support. Fixed problems with sprite animation and Timer class. Fixed an issue related to .png files loading.

Posted by Anton Lapshin 2010-05-21

rev #149

Fixed several major issues with ATI FOSS driver. ARB_texture_rectangle correct support (and transparent for user) was made.

Posted by Anton Lapshin 2010-04-02

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