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Still alive

Yes, this project is still alive and as promised this release just took more time than usual.
But even though I actually worked only a relative short time on this release a lot of smaller features have been added and things fixed.

I currently can't say whether I will have more time now again to spend with DelphiDoc, but sooner or later another release will follow.

Posted by G. Veith 2008-02-15

New Generator Concept

with the new release finally the last generator has been transformed to the new concept. With this done, there is now time to add the features that are only possible with this new concept.
As the old generators will probably vanish in one of the next releases please be sure to test and use the new ones.

But as there are currently a few things more important than Delphidoc I have to deal with, the next release might take a few months more than usually - unless some critical bugs are found.

Posted by G. Veith 2007-07-15

New Release and a little Survey


a new release is out, so I also want to take the opportunity to announce a little survey has been added to the home page (a few weeks ago). It is really unimpressive and the link to it is well hidden, just below the table of contents, so only one (besides myself) has found and answered it. If you want to answer it, too, here's the direct link:

Posted by G. Veith 2006-07-01

A new GUI!

Finally, a news worth reporting (at least concerning this project)!

A complete new GUI (at least of the main form) has be created, so now it isn't that cramped anymore, and hopefully better to use now when seeing it the first time.

Well as always take a look at the project page at and, well, just try it.

Posted by G. Veith 2005-09-21

Fifth Release on SourceForge

Well, and here is another release.

And again a new feature has been added. Now help files can be created to document the GUI of programs. That means, that the generated documentation is now not only for programmers but can also be by the users of the programs. So its quite easy to create Window Help files to use with programs to get context sensitive help.

Another new feature is the previously promised possibility to compare two sets of parsed data. This is only a very simple dialog, but I should give a general clue what changed.... read more

Posted by G. Veith 2004-09-30

Fourth Release on SF

The fourth release on SourceForge is now out.
The most important new feature ist the possibility to create diagrams of files or classes of the parsed data.
Together with the XMI export of the last release this should clone most of ESS Model's functionality. I hope they don't resent me. ;-)

Posted by G. Veith 2004-09-14

First Release on SourceForge

SourceForge is so nice to host DelphiDoc in the future. I hope I administered everything alright.
The actual release is the same (just with updated HTML-files) as previously released at the old page.

Posted by G. Veith 2004-07-02

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