#11 Get ALL PC/SQL for env w/ CLI param

Erik H
Jason Hale

Would it be possible to have a CLI parameter that would allow you to get ALL SQL/PeopleCode for the environment specified in DecodePC.properties, rather than just for LASTUPDOPRID <> PPLSOFT? The "custom" options is brilliant, but I really wish we could tease out either delivered (updated by PPLSOFT), custom (not updated by PPLSOFT), or both. I really hate having to resort to "Find In" to search through the entire db to find what I am looking for since it's so slow and prone to app designer crashes. Trying to save search for " " or ";" to file for entire db always crashes for me. I played around with modifying the source to this effect, but the program would eventually error out from various parsers not being found. The bytecode 83 was one of them, so the 0.45 version may help toward this end, but I haven't yet tried it out. Thanks for a really AWESOME tool. It's saved my bacon quite a few times...


  • Erik H

    Erik H - 2012-12-22

    I can add that option easily enough, but you can also use one of the 'since' parameters - calling the script with 'since-days 36500' selects all the code that was updated within the last 100 years, that should do the trick.

  • Erik H

    Erik H - 2012-12-22
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