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Autumn 2013 release

We're about to make a new release that includes the following features/upgrades:

  • export the data from an XY plot to the clipboard (for subsequent analysis in another app)
  • if you drag the zoom cursor from bottom right to top left, it gives a zoom out capability
  • the UI has been rationalised, menu/toolbar items unrelated to Debrief have been removed
  • Debrief uses Rotated Text on an increasing number of annotations, to make them easier to read
  • Debrief plots can now be exported to the clipboard on OSX & Linux machines
  • Planning legs can now have lengths expressed in minutes and seconds, not just whole minutes
  • The assorted xy charts were repainting too often. This fix has improved both performance and memory consumption
  • The problem where "Shadows" were left on the screen after dragging items in OSX/Linux/Win_64 is resolved.
Posted by Ian Mayo 2013-11-26

Charting leaps ahead again

Unfortunately the technical demonstrator for including Electronic Chart data in Debrief had to be suspended - presentation problems related to how the GeoTools library was integrated proved unsurmountable.

In Spring 2012 the chart integration has been restarted - using a simple strategy. This strategy has proved effective so far, and user trials are progressing well.

Please get in contact if you wish to integrate electronic charts as a Debrief backdrop.

Posted by Ian Mayo 2012-04-30

Now with support for Scaled vessel symbols

Last summer we introduced the facility to display the current vessel position as a symbol of realistic size in world coordinates. This Spring we've introduced the facility to accurately specify the size of those symbols, in width and height. See the screenshot at

Posted by Ian Mayo 2011-03-07

Transition to Electronic Charting

Debrief is an Open Source application used by navies and organisations around the world for the analysis and reporting of maritime exercises.

In 2011 steps are being taken to incorporate the ability to load electronic charts and other spatial information into the Debrief plot - providing greater context to the analyst.

Feel free to fire in any requirements related to the display of chart backdrops, or stay tuned for more details...

Posted by Ian Mayo 2011-02-21

Single sided reconstruction in the pipeline

In mid-2009 the customer has approved the creation of a suite of new Debrief capabilities. These will include track manipulation (including smoothing), and elementary TMA via multi-points. Please express an interest to the maintainer if you wish to be involved in this block of work.

Posted by Ian Mayo 2008-12-04

Debrief NG's stealth development continues

Even though it hasn't been publicised as well as the project sponsors may have liked, Debrief NG has been in use at MWC & elsewhere for over 18 months now. The implementation has continued to evolve to meet emergent analysis requirements, and performance optimisations have been implemented to streamline presentation of very large dataset (>150000 points per track).

See a screenshot at of the current version at read more

Posted by Ian Mayo 2007-11-06

Betas on the streets

So, the internal Betas have been in use for a few weeks now, and 4 copies have been sent to outside (US) agencies.
We're about 70% through the help documentation, after which the full software should be released.
Anybody wanting to trial a Beta, please send your snail address via e-mail and I'll post a CD to you directly.
Ian Mayo

Posted by Ian Mayo 2006-06-23

Eclipse transformation underway

We've been rehosting Debrief as a suite of Eclipse plugins for the last few months, and around 60% of the existing Debrief functionality is now implemented.

Open betas should be available by the summer, with more plugins available through the autumn. Keep listening for updates...


Posted by Ian Mayo 2005-06-16

D2003.2 blues continue

Fixing the missing library reference has proved more complex than simple inserting a missing file. Today the problem has been fixed, and the small installer updated. The large installer and deployable zip file will be uploaded in the next 24 hours.

Posted by Ian Mayo 2005-01-20

Minor update to D2003.2

Early adopters of the D2003.2 reported problems saving plots - which turned out to be a missing library. Updated files are now present for download.

Posted by Ian Mayo 2005-01-13

Debrief 2003 Release 2

This software release sweeps up a series of software improvements conducted during the past 12 months. Only minor changes have been required for Debrief in the last year, none worthy of updating the software to Debrief 2004. It's all change now though. We're currently investigating switching to the Eclipse user interface framework (, which will make the creation of Debrief add-ins much easier and quicker. It will also be easier to transform Debrief into a fresh application, should your requirement be so. ... read more

Posted by Ian Mayo 2005-01-08

Maintenance release for scale bug

A maintenance release of Debrief 2003 has just been uploaded to SourceForge.

The release fixes a bug in the size of the Scale shown on a Debrief plot - where distances shown may include an error of up to 10%.

Please download an updated version of the software, or approach the Debrief maintainer directly for a new full copy on CD-ROM (

Posted by Ian Mayo 2004-01-26

Debrief 2003 released

Debrief, the Open Source Java application used for 2 and 2 dimensional analysis of maritime tracks has been released.

Taking requests from North American and European users, new features for 2003 include an Overview Plot, 3d bathymetric data, plot exports to WMF, multi-line annotations and tooltips.

Find out more about Debrief at the or download the new version at

Posted by Ian Mayo 2003-08-13

Debrief 2003 almost ready

The feature set for Debrief 2003 is now complete, and we are well into our beta testing.
On the plus side, Debrief now comes with a 100Mb bathy library giving gridded depths at a 2 minute resolution, and comes complete with its own java installation.
On the negative side however, it's now much too large to download from the web-site. So, if you do wish to obtain a beta copy of Debrief 2003 please contact the administrator directly for a copy on read more

Posted by Ian Mayo 2003-04-30

Line thicknesses added

Since the last online update in July around a dozen minor fixes have been made to Debrief 2002, but in the last week we've added a significant new feature: line thickness. The updated tutorial at gives more advice on this.

Posted by Ian Mayo 2002-10-28

Debrief 2002 Released!

Debrief is the Open Source application used for analysis of maritime vessel tracks in two and three dimensions.

After successful Beta testing over the last month Debrief 2002 has been issued, adding improved 3d plotting, a gridded depth database and track-shifting.

Read more about Debrief at

Posted by Ian Mayo 2002-07-16

Debrief 2002 BETA ready

The Beta of Debrief 2002 is now available for download.

Debrief is the open source application used for viewing naval tactical development exercises in two and three dimensions.

Debrief 2002 adds improved 3-d visualisation, a gridded bathymetry, the ability to shift tracks, and a series of bug-fixes and improvements.

Posted by Ian Mayo 2002-05-31

New release adds support for wheel-mouse

At long last (and after many requests) Debrief, the maritime exercise analysis application, has included support for the wheel-mouse. Now you can step back and forward through an exercise by just rolling the mouse-wheel, and zoom in and out of the exercise area using the CTRL-key in association with the wheel.

To get mouse-wheel support in Debrief you will need to download and install the new version of Java, downloaded from read more

Posted by Ian Mayo 2002-03-26

Debrief under JDK1.4

Hi all,
Those Java-buffs amongst you will no doubt be aware that version 1.4 of Java has been out for around a month. This new version adds a number of new features - the most significant of which is support for the wheel-mouse, the Royal Navy have been BETA testing Debrief with wheel-mouse support for several weeks now which should be released in the next couple of days.

One downside of Java 1.4 however, is that it's 3-D support was broken, and 3-D views stopped working following the update. In the last couple of days however Sun have released an updated version of 3-D which overcomes the problems. The updated release is "Java 3D 1.2.1_04", and can be downloaded at read more

Posted by Ian Mayo 2002-03-11

Minor update, but great new feature!

Debrief is a Java application used to view maritime vessel tracks in 2 and 3 dimensions.

The new update allows you to specify per-fix colourings in the REP file, and provides a new operation in the track-time toolbox which allows you to reformat position characteristics between indicate start/end times.

Go ahead, download the updated files and copy them into your Debrief installation.

Posted by Ian Mayo 2002-02-01

Update released

A new set of installation sets has been uploaded today which provides two things:

- Improved time/date labels on the x-y plots
- A bug-fix which prevents saving XML plots containing Rectangles

Posted by Ian Mayo 2002-01-15

Debrief 2001 Released!

Debrief 2001, the Open Source Maritime Analysis application has finally reached release status and is available for download from the Debrief project page,

Amongst the new features for Debrief 2001 are the ability to plot VPF data, sensor and narrative data, plus removal of a significant number of memory leaks.

Don't forget that you can find out more about Debrief form it's new home page at:

Posted by Ian Mayo 2001-11-02

Fresh look for Debrief web site

Debrief is the Open Source Java application used for viewing maritime vessel tracks in 2 and 3 dimensions.
To coincide with the Release of Debrief 2001 the Debrief web-site at has been redesigned and reconstructed.
The new web-site contains a full feature list, in-depth guidance in installing and using Debrief, together with support in how to provide feedback and feature request.
The completed release version of Debrief 2001 will be available for download by Wednesday 2nd November.

Posted by Ian Mayo 2001-10-26

Source code package now available

After much battling with CVS under Windows, the new strategy for sharing the Debrief source code is to package it up for download with the other source files.
So, in the Debrief updates you'll find an ~11Mb download which contains all of the source code, build files, image files, source for help content, etc.
If sufficient team members "come aboard" to warrant CVS then we'll overcome the hurdle at that point. Otherwise, here it is, and good luck with it!

Posted by Ian Mayo 2001-10-22

Move to new web site!

The Debrief home page has changed to

The move to the new site is part of the update to Debrief 2001, to be released in the next couple of weeks.
In addition to the new web address, the web-site is to receive a fresh "make-over" plus some improvements including
- easier access to screenshots of Debrief in action
- more guidance in how to submit bug reports and provide feedback.

Posted by Ian Mayo 2001-10-16

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