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Initial Submission Process for Revision Proposals

Every proposal for a modification to an existing standard goes through the following process, unless an alternative process is later approved by the Director and the Steering and Expert Committees. The Steering Committee shall develop a similar process for the control and review of minor version revisions. That process must also include a period for public comment.

To be considered by the Alliance, a proposal must be sponsored by a lead Member Organization and supported by at least three other Member Organizations. The proposal must include a complete draft statement of specifications and functionality. The lead organization should present the proposal to the Alliance Director for formal consideration and should designate an individual who will act as an Architect for the specification (who need not be employed at the sponsoring organization or be a Representative of a Member Organization). The Director will then ensure that the proposal is circulated to all Expert Committee Representatives, and brief Trial Review will be begun. The purpose of the Trial Review shall be to determine if the Alliance should conduct a Technical Review of the specification, and to allow Member Organizations to prepare sufficient resources to conduct that Technical Review. At the end of the Trial Review, there will be a Call for Objections. Each Expert Committee Representative will be offered the opportunity to give the Director a "No" vote, which must be accompanied by comments to explain the vote. The Director will consider the results of the Call for Objections and make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the Technical Review. The Director must explain his or her decision in writing to the Expert Committee.

Please review the following documentation on the process and procedures invloved with submitting and tracking requests.

Please use the following template to write a proposal and attach the resulting file to a new "Initial Submissions" tracker item.

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4 Remove list from hi and emph [SRG] Structural Reform Group open 2006-01-16 2006-01-16  
3 Proposal to correct Link, ExtLink and formating tags [SRG] Structural Reform Group open 2006-01-16 2006-01-16  
2 Correct inconsistency with Lists and Items in w3c schema [SRG] Structural Reform Group open 2006-01-16 2006-01-16  
1 Correct Choice of range or item in valRng and invalRng [SRG] Structural Reform Group open 2006-01-16 2006-01-16  
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