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DC++ 0.864 has been pulled out

Tests with the 0.864 version of DC++ have uncovered a transfer issue (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/dcplusplus/+bug/1656050) so the release has been removed. It never made it to the "stable" status.

Please keep using version 0.863 for now.

Posted by poy 7 hours ago

DC++ 0.864 is out

DC++ 0.864, along with minor changes, fixes a stability issue regarding searches. Immediate upgrade for users running version 0.863 is highly recommended.

Posted by eMTee 2017-01-09

DC++ 0.863 is out

DC++ 0.863, along with minor changes, fixes a stability issue in the 32-bit builds. Immediate upgrade for users running 32-bit operating systems is highly recommended.

Posted by eMTee 2016-11-12

DC++ 0.862 is out

DC++ 0.682 fixes an issue with the default Automatic connectivity setup won't work in certain cases. Upgrade is highly recommended.

Posted by eMTee 2016-10-02

DC++ 0.861 is out

A new bugfix release of DC++ has made available, it fixes an issue with manual connectivity setup and updates the OpenSSL library. Due to performance optimizations DC++ will require Intel P4 / AMD A64 CPUs or newer from this release on.

Posted by eMTee 2016-09-26

DC++ 0.860 is out

DC++ 0.860 comes over a year after the previous release; it contains a flurry of improvements and updates the various libraries used by the program, leading to more stability and security.

Notable improvements:
- Better Windows 10 compatibility.
- Download queue toolbar.
- Better IPv6 connectivity.
- More favorite hub settings.
- Chat box improvements.
- Hub connectivity status icons.
- Hardened connection security.... read more

Posted by eMTee 2016-09-15

DC++ 0.851 is out

Besides the latest OpenSSL security fixes and hardening secure connection further by disallowing weak ciphersuites this DC++ version largely focuses on mitigating malicious situations where DC++ can be used for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in certain malevolent NMDC hubs.
Therefore this release is highly recommended for everyone still using any older DC++ versions.
If no critical issues found, DC++ 0.851 should be marked as the new stable version within a short period of time.

Posted by eMTee 2015-04-06

DC++ 0.850 is out

As the first new DC++ release in the last nine months version 0.850 fixes and hardens security related functions further to avoid popular TLS exploits and more. This release also contains stability and performance updates of various 3rd party libraries used within the program. A recommended maintenance upgrade.

Posted by eMTee 2015-01-17

DC++ 0.842 is out

Besides fixing a few small problems this service release provides protection against the infamous "Heartbleed" OpenSLL vulnerability which has been existed in DC++ since version 0.799. If no serious issues found this release will be marked stable in the coming days.

Posted by eMTee 2014-04-10

DC++ 0.840 is out

The first release of the 0.840 series of DC++ is out today. Besides a few SSL encryption related and stability fixes this version largely focuses on implementing various features asked for or recommended by the user community through our feature tracker.
Probably this version is the last mainstream DC++ release that supports Windows XP. Security and major stability fixes might be expected to a branch targeting XP only.
If no critical issues found, 0.840 should go stable within 2 weeks.

Posted by eMTee 2014-03-31

DC++ 0.831 is out

A new bug fixing service release of DC++ has been released today fixing three problems introduced with version 0.830. All the fixed problems exist in version 0.830 only, older versions are not effected. For users already on DC++ 0.830 the upgrade is highly recommended.

Posted by eMTee 2013-11-11

DC++ 0.830 is out

The first version of the 0.830 series of DC++ is out today. Besides the large number of security and stability fixes the biggest improvement is the availability of secure, SSL encrypted direct private message channels. If no critical issues found, this release should go stable within 2 weeks.

Posted by eMTee 2013-09-22

DC++ 0.828 is out

A new stability update of DC++ released today. Upgrade is recommended for users of any earlier versions.

Posted by eMTee 2013-07-23

DC++ 0.825

A new security & stability update of DC++ is released today. Immediate upgrade is recommended, especially for users of earlier 0.82x versions.

Posted by eMTee 2013-06-18

DC++ 0.822 is out and stable

Today we're happy to announce the availability of the first stable version of DC++ 0.82x series. Over 0.820, version 0.822 brings some more improvements on plugins handling. Upgrade is strongly recommended.
Along with the new release the DC Plugin Repository is also launched at http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/plugins.html

Posted by eMTee 2013-06-04

DC++ 0.820 is out

A new version of DC++ is out today and this release introduces many exciting new features. The changelog may not as long as usual but now it contains some nice and long awaited news like a finalized user friendly plugin API and plugin distribution, introduce of 64-bit DC++ executables and plugins, completly revamped transfers view area and expandable search results.
If no serious issues reported during the wider test period, this release will be marked stable within a couple of weeks.

Posted by eMTee 2013-05-22

DC++ 0.811 is out

A new service release of DC++ is out today fixing a possible unresponsiveness at startup as well as providing better stability for long time runs under heavy load. Users who still running version 0.802 or earlier recommended to upgrade straight to 0.811 to avoid confusing behavior at the first start.

Posted by eMTee 2013-03-04

DC++ 0.810 is out

A new stability & performance update of DC++ is available from now with better plugin support, many bug fixes and improvements over the previous version.
Note that the hash registry will be upgraded when running this version for the first time. This might take a while for large shares. Make sure all your drives are connected to avoid re-hashing.
The hash database conversion works on Win Vista+ only. This means the re-hashing is compulsory on Windows XP.

Posted by eMTee 2013-01-30

DC++ 0.802 is out

A stability and performance update is released today. Recommended if you experience crashes using DC++ 0.801.

Posted by eMTee 2012-10-20

DC++ 0.801 is out and stable

With another stability fix over 0.800 a new version of DC++ is out today as well as it has been marked stable. The 0.8 series also tested under and fully support Windows 8 RTM.

Posted by eMTee 2012-09-29

DC++ 0.800 is out

A new milestone version of DC++ is out today with new features like rudimentary plugins support, extended per hub settings and fixes for numerous bug, stability and security related issues. Full details in the changelog <http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dcplusplus-team/dcplusplus/trunk/view/head:/changelog.txt>. Should everything go well this release will be marked stable within a couple of weeks.

Posted by eMTee 2012-09-16

DC++ 0.799 is out

A stable candidate new version of DC++ is out with small fixes and improvements over 0.797. This version should be marked stable within a few days, likely the time when SourceForge's reliability issues are completly gone so everyone will be able to do a hassle free update.

Posted by eMTee 2012-05-05

DC++ 0.797 is out

A new experimental version of DC++ is out today mainly focusing on GUI improvements and reliability fixes. Full details in the changelog at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dcplusplus-team/dcplusplus/trunk/annotate/head:/changelog.txt

Posted by eMTee 2012-04-17

DC++ 0.791 is out and becomes stable

No new functions or fixes this time: 0.791 contains only updated translations but as the beta testing period is over without any major problems it means that 0.791 is the newest stable version of DC++ at the moment.

Posted by eMTee 2012-01-15

DC++ 0.790 is out

After nine month a brand new release of DC++ is out today. It brings a plenthora of new features, revamped GUI elements as well as fixes a severe security issue and many less problematic but still annoying problems. Details in the changelog, if it turns out OK, 0.790 will marked stable within a couple of weeks so upgrade is recommended, at least then.

Posted by eMTee 2011-12-29

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