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An update

This project is currently on hold.

I have managed to produce a simplifier by combining the beta 1 programs with a bash script to produce a decent simplifier. The speed is not good, but it was not prioritized as "premature optimization is the root of all evil". This script retains the modular standards of the project.

I now have a good overview of what needs to be fixed in the beta 1. So I will put together a final release with a shell GUI, bugfixes and the simplification script.... read more

Posted by Martin Johansen 2005-03-08

Web interface and 'comming soon'

I have set up a server running the latest Ether which you can access trough the webinterface to Ether. So, instead of downloading the program, you can try it online.


New datafiles are in progress, impoving the features of Ether and also the types of algebra supported.

Posted by Martin Johansen 2005-01-18


I have uploaded a tutorial on how to use Ether, visit the homepage, click this link http://www.denotesoftware.com/ether/EtherToturial100beta1.html, or visit the docs section.

Posted by Martin Johansen 2005-01-13

dcas v1.00 beta 1 Released

dcas v1.00 beta 1 Released

Current major features include:
isx: multiple algebra interpreter
irdx: Multiple algebra manipulation
evaln: Excact numeric evaluation
evalf: Approximate numeric evaluation
graph2d: 2d equation grapher
printfexp: Expression printer
formatdoc: Document exporter

Posted by Martin Johansen 2005-01-05