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0.21.4 released

Some bugfixes.

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2011-01-21

0.21.3 released

Bugfixes and improvements work with MySQL.

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2010-07-20

0.21.2 released

Bug fix in DbReader (work with unloaded)

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2010-07-16

0.21.1 released

Bugfixes in mysqlQuery.

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2010-07-15

0.21 released

In this release we switched to automake build system.
./configure --with-fb or --with-mysql (or borh) && make && make install. :)

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2010-07-10

0.20.1 released

1. Improved building (ibpp now built only when USE_FB)
2. Improved Query interface.

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2010-07-08

0.20 released

It's time to simplify and clean code. In addition, the application was safer due to better monitoring of allocated memory and work with exceptions.
Enjoy! :)

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2010-07-07

0.19.1 released

Some rafactorings in df, params and replicator

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2009-03-02

0.19 release

1. dbre now supports mysql
2. improved implementation of the production of abstract classes Db, Tr and Query

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2009-02-22

0.18.1 release

1. Added preprocessor directives to select a supported database in the process of compiling
2. It also added the directive to select source shared_ptr - tr1 or boost. Now, to bring to the boost, without the tr1, you just need to define a variable BOOST.
3. Fixed bug - the inability to record entries in all the fields that contain a NULL, but it's autoincrement.
4. Fixed bug - a violation of reading the data file at high volumes, the assembly made by gcc. As it turned out, using the ifstream.read(char*, 1) to read single char leads to failure of positioning the stream. But in the assembly of MS Visual C++ 2008 are worked correctly :)

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2009-02-04

0.18 release

1. Added declarations (pure virtual classes) for obdc, postgre and sqlite databases
2. Deleted mssql declaration (it replaced to ODBC)
3. Removed declaration exchange of XML. Because it was a bad idea... Blobs and strings can damage xml. In addition, large XML parsing is too slow.
4. RE::DataBlock and DF::DataBlock now only available through shared_ptr. This eliminates the copying of large amounts of data between parts of the program.
5. Unloading of empty fields now works correctly.

Posted by Anton Golovkov 2009-01-30