Quick table viewing

  • David Young

    David Young - 2012-07-18

    I noticed that I can browse a table by selecting Help > Insert "select * from " and then double-clicking on the table name in the schema browser (or just typing all that into the sql text area). I find myself browsing tables a lot and was wondering if there is a shortcut to performing this? I could envision right-clicking on the table in the schema browser or some sort of "Browse tables" option, if that seemed appropriate.

    Thanks for this awesome db tool!

  • Jef Van Den Ouweland

    Currently, the quickest way to do this is:
    - Press Ctrl+S  - which will insert 'select * from '
    - Press Alt+Enter - which will open the schema browser
    - Start typing the first letters of the table name - the selection will change and jump to the desired table
    - Press Enter - the table name will be copied to the editor and the schema browser will be closed
    - Press Ctrl+Enter - the query is executed

    To browse a second table:
    - Select or delete the tablename in the editor
    - Repeat from second step above

  • David Young

    David Young - 2012-12-26

    Thanks-it's definitely nice to be able to completely use keyboard shortcuts for the queries. Does save some time compared with going back and forth among the menus/tree.


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