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Data::PluginFiles Perl library goes live with release v0.1

A small library to help read in data files of a particular format. Whilst creating two other programs recently, both of which needed to load modules on the fly, the main data input files to the programs ended up being very similar.

This project is a library ripped out of those programs and now for use by everyone.

The file format of each input file, with examples:

PluginName: parameter=value
PluginName: par1=val1 par2=val2
AnotherName: par1="Longer string" par2=Or\ Escaped
AnotherName: array=item1 array=item2 array=item3
LongerName: name=Yukka desc=<<HEREDOC
This is a multiple line input which is end with the HEREDOC line.
HEREDOC... read more

Posted by Chilts 2005-04-30