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C# 2.0 Data Access framework released

Available now as a separate download is a simple DataAccess frameworks that leverages Microsoft's Enterprise Library Data package. The code consists of some helper classes and an interface to facilitate the modeling of data objects as business objects. It makes code easier to read; rather than using methods like executeNonQuery, these helper classes provide methods like InsertObject, GetObjects. Results and parameters are business objects and typed business lists rather than data readers and data sets.
This framework leverages C# 2.0 Generics and is currently built in VS.NET 2008 uses Enterprise Library 3.1. The code can also be recompiled in VS.NET 2005.

Posted by Dennis Wagner 2008-01-11

New Relese of 2005 Data Controls

This release is includes many small updates to the VS.NET 2005 version of the controls. Along with the many updats are some additional frameworks for Data Access (leveraging Microsoft Data Access Blocks), Page Navigation (allows page flow to be defined in web.config) and Dynamic Properties (portion of framework to store property definitions as SQL data instead of being serialized in ASP.NET page).

Posted by Dennis Wagner 2008-01-07

New release of Data Controls for ASP.NET 2005

This release is an upgrade to VS.NET 2005. This release contains all of the same features and functions of the earlier version. There have been many new features added and the designers have been upgraded to make them easier to use. Of special note is the use of ASP tags for serialization rather than code dom. Also there have been many enhancements to improve flexibility and performance.

This release only includes the web components for ASP.NET 2.0 (VS.NET 2005).

Posted by Dennis Wagner 2007-08-06

New Release of Data Controls for ASP.NET 1.1

This release represents significant development over the last two years at several client projects. The release includes two new controls. A data grid congrol (WebRepeaterView) very similar to the one found in ASP.NET 2.0 but for ASP.NET 1.1 and a side by side control for editing multipel objects side by side (WebTransposedGridView). Also there have been many enhancements to improve flexibility and performance.... read more

Posted by Dennis Wagner 2006-03-10

DataControls enable dynamic properties at Mfg. Company

These controls are currently being used at a very large manufacturing company to dynamically generate web-based Factory Orders Sheets including specs and bill-of-material instructions. This usage led to many new enhancements which allow the developer to finely tune the actual layout of the code.

The data controls were chosen due to the dynamic requirements of the factory order sheets. The properties displayed on the factory order sheet vary based upon the item being manufactured. The properties are data-driven. ... read more

Posted by Dennis Wagner 2003-12-22

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