stev knowles - 2006-09-28

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using OSX 10.4.7, and xCode 2.4, edit the makefile (in order of appearance):

if you are using an intel machine:
remove -D__powerpc__ (twice)

for everyone:

change: /usr/include/wine to:/Developer/Headers/Wine/include/wine
change: /usr/include/wine/windows to: /Developer/Headers/Wine/include/

change: winegcc to: /Developer/Tools/winegcc

when you begin the project, tell xCode to keep the OBJ files in the source
directory, or winegcc cant find them.

at this point, winegcc cannot find winebuild. (sigh) how do i tell winegcc it is
in the same directory it is in? chaning winebuild's definition in the makefile
doesnt seem to help.

when i run winebuild by hand, winegcc seems to have handed it a mangled
command line:

winebuild -v --as-cmd as --ld-cmd ld -D_REENTRANT -fPIC --exe -o
darwinehelloworld.exe-iHOqoJ.spec.o -F darwinehelloworld.exe --subsystem
windows -L/usr/lib/wine -L/tmp/wine_root/lib/wine -L/tmp/wine_root/lib -
L/usr/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/lib main.o

notice the "darwinehelloworld.exe-iHOqoJ.spec.o" adding a space and
running it again suceeds, but generates this error:

wine: could not load L"Z:\\Volumes\\700G Bay 2\\Winemine\ \darwinehelloworld.exe": Bad EXE format for

BTW, i am running on a intel based Mac Pro. any help would be apprecaited.

also, is anyone working on a an Aqua version of the libraries, so X11 does not
have to load?